Wolfram – Charge iPhone Battery Much Faster

Looking for a great new jailbreak tweak to boost your battery life on your iOS device ? Wolfram, a quick battery charger, is a great option in the Cydia Bigboss repository. Thus far, stock iOS offers no real solution to enhance battery life or expedite the charging process other than putting your phone on low power mode. However, it is debatable how much this actually does to conserve power. In addition, it does literally nothing if the goal is making the charging process when plugged in any more efficient.

Image : Wolfram can Charge your iPhone Battery Much Faster

wolfram cydia tweak


  • When enabled, wolfram automatically switches your device to low power mode when it senses that the device is plugged into a power source.
  • Placing the device in to low power mode shuts down any background apps that are unnecessary during the charging process and therefore allows your device to conserve more power as it is charging. appswitcher ios 9
  • Wolfram disables app refreshing, automatic email pushes, updates, downloads, Siri and Wi-Fi. background_app_refresh_ios_9
  • Wolfram builds a preferences menu in your devices settings panel. You can perform all of the normal functions of the tweak from the panel like enabling/disabling and choosing whether the device will stay in low power mode after fully charged or go back to normal power usage. wolfram_1
  • There is also an automatic respring option in the wolfram panel. It automatically resprings the device after any changes are made.

The Good and Bad

In theory, Wolfram is a great tweak with solid level of utilitarian purpose. Every device user in the world knows what it’s like to be under the mercy of your battery and not having enough time to sit by a wall for an hour while it charges. If Wolfram did what is purposed to do, then it would arguably be one of the most useful jailbreak tweak on the market. However, there is not much empirical evidence to show that Wolfram does much more towards an expedited charging process than just plugging your phone in to the wall. Even if it does, most users say it’s not much quicker than without wolfram. In addition, why not just manually switch your phone into low power mode before charging ? Is there really that much time saved by avoiding two clicks in your devices settings panel ? You can be the judge.

Download :

As usual, Wolfram, along with many other great tweaks, can be downloaded for Free in the Big Boss repository in Cydia. Check it out.

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