Top Winterboard Themes for iPhone

iOS jailbreaking is something which most of the active iOS fanatics can hardly avoid. After all, it provides freedom to the stock iOS to add more features and apps outside the App Store, which Apple does not allow in stock iOS. However, jailbreaking just gives stock iOS the ability to be able to install more features, but you need Cydia to actually download tweaks. And then comes WinterBoard.

Image : Top Winterboard Themes for iPhone

winterboard theme ios 9

WinterBoard is an amazing utility for all the jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. This utility basically enables the users to change or modify the style of the various aspects of their jailbroken iOS device. These aspects include the dock, status bar, icons, etc. So WinterBoard basically changes the look or the theme of your device by using WinterBoard themes that are available separately for downloading. WinterBoard gives a total visual overhaul to your jailbroken iOS device and this is the reason why WinterBoard themes are loved so much by all the jailbreakers.

How to Download the Themes :

But first, you need to jailbreak your device. In case your device is running stock iOS 8.4 or lower, then it is possible to jailbreak your device using the TaiG Jailbreak or the PP Jailbreak. However, in case you have already updated to iOS 8.4.1, then it is not possible to jailbreak as iOS 8.4.1 update from Apple has patched the jailbreak exploits [at the time of writing this article] and hence it is unjailbreakable. Nonetheless, iOS 9 jailbreak is here so follow the linked article for the complete tutorial .

If your iOS device is jailbroken, then you can go ahead and Download WinterBoard. Just go to Cydia, search for WinterBoard, and download it. After installation, your device will ask for a reboot. Just reboot the device and you will find WinterBoard on your homescreen.

winterboard theme download2

To get various WinterBoard themes, you need to go to Cydia and click on the Themes button. Once there, select your device model and then you can browse various Free and Paid WinterBoard themes for your device.

winterboard theme download0 winterboard theme download1

In case you are new to jailbreaking or if you do not know much about WinterBoard and want to get the best WinterBoard themes for your jailbroken iOS device, then we have listed below some of the best themes for you. Note that the list consists of both paid as well as free WinterBoard themes, but all of them will surely give your iOS device a fully refreshed look. So go ahead and enjoy these top 20 WinterBoard themes.

Flatish – $3.99


1ONE – $2.99


Amor – $1.99


Enlightened iOS 8 – Free


Yosha – $1.99


Pleiades + – $2.99


Aube – 2.99


Flat6 – Free


Gunnii-8 – $2.50


Glaskart – Free


AyMi – $1.99


Yume – $1.49


Avalon – Free


Amury – $3.49


Indigo -$2.49


Tercio – $3.00


Lemuria – $1.49


Pastel 8 – $1.50


Albus – $1.69


So which one of the above is your favorite WinterBoard theme ? Do comment below . If you can think of any that we have missed let us know in the comments box below.

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