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iOS 8.4 was launched a few weeks ago. But before you take it for any other minor update, it is a milestone for Apple is true terms. iOS 8.4 is the starting point for the company’s own music streaming service, the much-loved Apple Music. The update also brought in a lot of stability improvements, security fixes, and Beats 1 Radio station. But the list of updates isn’t over yet. Before we could ease into the new iOS 8.4 firmware on our iPhones and iPad, it got jailbroken ! We received the TaiG Jailbreak and the PP Jailbreak for iOS 8.4 , so anyone wishing to upgrade to iOS 8.4 can Install Cydia on iOS 8.4 right away .

Image : Download Cydia on iPhone using Windows

cydia ios 9 windows 10

However, Microsoft launched its new Windows 10 OS just a few days ago and brought in massive changes to the fluid OS. There is a lot of difference in the looks, functions, and many other aspects. But what is bugging the iPhone 6 users is the question whether they can jailbreak their devices on Windows 10. The answer is yes, you can. Both the TaiG and PP tools are working perfectly fine on Windows 10. So in case you have just upgraded to this new version of Windows and want to install Cydia on your iPhone 6 using your Windows PC, here is the full and easy tutorial.

Use TaiG Tool to Install Cydia on iPhone 6 :

Note :

  • Please download the latest update for iTunes before trying to install Cydia with the TaiG tool, as it may cause installation issues.
  • Now backup your data with iTunes or iCloud completely. itunes backup ios 9
  • Turn off the Passcode in your iPhone 6 by browsing to Settings and selecting Passcode. Now enter the passcode when asked for and tap Turn Passcode Off. touch id passcode iphone 6 ios 8
  • Then go to Settings and select iCloud. Tap Find My iPhone there. Then fill in your Apple ID and password to turn off Find My iPhone. find_my_iphone_6_ios_804

Now follow the below-given steps for installing Cydia on your iPhone 6:

  1. Go to this link to download the latest version of the TaiG tool. After downloading it, extract that zip file and you will have the TaiG tool.
  2. Plug in your iPhone 6 to your Windows 10 PC.
  3. Now open the TaiG tool in Administrator Mode by right-clicking on it and selecting Run As Administratortaig administrator mode
  4. Make sure that 3K Assistant check-box remains unchecked. [ Image Credits : ]taig 2.3.12taig-3k-assistant-ios-84
  5. Click on the Start button and the tool will start installing Cydia on your device. taig-ios-84-jailbreak-process
  6. Now wait until the process has finished.
  7. Once the process has completed, your iPhone will reboot and you will find Cydia on the device’s home screen. black-screen-spinning-wheel-on-boot (1)cydia ios 9

Use PP Tool to Install Cydia on iPhone 6 :

The PP tool has been appreciated for being free of any errors or bugs right from the start and so is one of the most used jailbreak tools for installing Cydia on iOS 8.4. Initially, the PP tool was available only in the Chinese language, but it is now available in English too, making the process so much easier for the users.

Note for Mac Users : [ Image Credits ]

taig for mac ios 8.4

This tutorial has been made specifically for Windows 10 users only. In case you use Mac, you don’t need to go through the hassles of running Windows 10 on an emulator to install Cydia on your iPhone 6. Instead, you can simply use the PP Tool for Macthe only jailbreak tool available for Mac right now. Update 1# : Taig Jailbreak for Mac is now available , supported on iOS 8.1.2 upto ios 8.4 .

Install Cydia With PP Jailbreak :

  1. Go to the following link to Download the PP tool.
  2. After downloading the tool, launch it. pp jailbreak 8.42
  3. Connect your iPhone 6 to your Windows 10 PC.
  4. In the PP tool, you will notice an elliptically shaped button in the middle. Just click it. pp jailbreak 8.40
  5. Now the tool will load some components and will begin the process of installing Cydia. The device might reboot once or twice and the progress mark might get stuck at 3/8 or 5/8, but it is nothing to worry about, so stay patient.
  6. Once the tool has completed the installation process, a green check mark will appear in the tool confirming the same. pp jailbreak 8.41
  7. Congrats ! You will now find Cydia installed right on the home screen of your iPhone 6. cydia ios 9 iphoen 6 plus0

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    • So sympathize you all waiting hard for a jailbreak release. For me, if you’re looking for a jailbroken, customizable & must have high flexibility on your iphone then better to look for a high end android phone.

      And pray for the gods to bless your iphone never had any software problem after jailbroken. As a jailbroken iphone will always fail to reset. So you’ll have to restore your iphone to the latest firmware once you got software problem. Then, that will cause all your jailbroken unsigned apps useless without jailbreak.

      At that time, you’ll have to wait for another new release of jailbreak, LIKE NOW. How long & how many times could you wait for ?….

    • As I mentioned below you can easily jailbreak iOS 7, 7.0.2, 7.0.3 and 7.0.4 on Hope it’s what you’re looking for

  1. Same, i also disigusted with ios7. Really not so apple anymore, seems like a job of an engineer have nothing new to introduce, but want to impress the boss with putting in a lot of unnecessary animations… Please the first jailbreak apps i want is to remove all those new features that are unnecessary and causing a bit of lags.

    • No it doesn’t matter if it’s updated to 0.7.3 they said that it COULD prevent the jailbreak from working as it might block one of the exploits needed

    • I got what you plan, thanks for puitntg up. Woh I am gladsome to reach this website through google. Thanks For Share Apple iCloud with Photo Steam, Syncing your Photos between your iOS 5 devices and Windows PC. | GeekAhead.Com.

  2. I’m still on 6.1(iPad 3) should I upgrade before apple releases 7.0.3 as I hate loosing JB and when will Apple be releasing the latest firmware 7.0.3?

  3. We already have a jailbreak but it is too dangerous for anyone to obtain. Comprimises major security info and detailed codes used by Apple.

  4. When the jailbreak of iOS 7.0.2 is available I can advice you to jailbreak your iDevice the first thing to do, make sure you save your shsh blobs with tiny umbrella then be very careful with the tweaks you install. Most of people who lost their untethered jailbreak on iPhones is because they were trying to install Siri, many tweaks they don’t understand, dream board themes which are not compatible with their iDevice then later start to experience that their iDevice always put them on safe mode. So be very careful


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    • hello iosvlog ,just one qeuitson should I need to back up my iphone/ipad before jailbreaking so I will not lose (apps,contacts etc)?and restoring after jailbreak? plzzzz reply thanks more power )

  5. I think you are not be able to doing jailbreak ios 7 or more if they could they would have done it till now. maybe they want to make scare Apple company.

  6. i bought an iphone 4s and i restored with ios 7.0.3 on the activation screen it’s tell me to sign in with apple for some one else . what can i do for that ??

  7. I’ve bin trying to jail break my iphone5 16 gb for a week and every time I think I’m close to being jail broke my screen goes black and stays that way tell I open it using the screen lock buy pass thing what am I doing wrong

  8. Help! So I’m still on 6.1.2 jailbreak evasi0n.
    How would I jailbreak my phone on IOS7 if
    It’s still on IOS 6? Would I have to restore the phone or what please help me.

    • actually you can easily jailbreak 6.1.2 and if you update to 7 or higher ios then you can jailbreak it from Hope it helps and wish you a good luck

  9. just want to say something intelligible,

    A big thanks to the devs working so hard on releasing this for us, i know when you read the comments you must think your doing it for a bunch of thick impatient prats but we are not all like that. your doing a good job keep the shiz up.

  10. For all those morons whining for a jailbreak, i recommend you to hold your horses as the devs are working on it as there is NONE yet. For those who already have a jailbreak, bitch plz, refrain from updating that is, remain on your current ios till a jailbreak is release. thank you for ur time. :P :)))

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