How to Fix iOS 8 WiFi Problems

Apple’s latest mobile operating system, the iOS 8.4.1 provides several new features and few fixes of its older versions, but it also has tons of bugs and serious performance issues. Due to these problems, those iOS 8 device users who had already upgraded their software to this latest version have gone back and downgraded back to iOS 8.4 before Apple closed signing them.

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ios 8 wifi problems

One very important issue with iOS 8 is its connectivity to Wi-Fi network. Some users are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi network whereas others have problems with broken connections and yet some others say that the Wi-Fi connection is very slow. Few cues are available to correct this issue.

  1. Disable System Services :  The easiest way to fix the connectivity issue is to disable the System Services connection in the settings of your device. For this purpose, go to Settings > Privacy > Location services > System services. This function works only depending on your location. system services iphone 6 ios 8 - ios 9
  2. Reset the settings of your network : Majority of the problems related to connectivity can be solved by resetting all your network settings. By doing this, all the information that is related to the networking will get cleared from the cache memory of the device. For resetting the network, go to Settings > General > Reset. Click on the option which says Reset Network Settingsreset iphone 6 ios 8 1
  3. Set Custom DNS : In some scenarios, if the DNS servers of your ISPs are facing issues, the best option is to move to Google DNS or maybe OpenDNS. The steps to change your device’s DNS settings is shown below.  dns settings wifi
  4. Restore the entire iPhone : If none of the above steps are successful in solving your issues with networking, the last option is to restore your Apple device using the iTunes. This action will format the entire device and all the previous data will be reset. itunes restore backup

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  1. I have a iPhone 4s and my WiFi is on but is still
    says I have to connect to the WiFi but its already on…..what do I do? Help!!!!

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