Enable WhatsApp Web on iPhone for Mac and PC

WhatsApp has long been one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and it continues to grow in popularity. A recent update introduced the WhatsApp Web Client, allowing users to access the app on their desktops or Mac computers. It is also available on Android devices but is still missing from iOS. WhatsApp say that restrictions in place by Apple stop them from being able to bring iOS users the feature. However, if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, a new jailbreak tweak called WhatsApp Web Enabler will help you to get round those restrictions and use the new feature.

How to Get WhatsApp Web Client on iOS :

whatsapp web iphone

  1. Jailbreak

First, you must jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. Us one of the following guides, complete with jailbreak download links, to help you do that if you haven’t already . Follow the links to go through the tutorials for your iOS device and jailbreak to get Cydia . After Cydia is installed , you are ready to download any jailbreak app from the Cydia Store .

Note – The tweak fully supports all iOS versions from iOS 4 to 8

  1. Download WhatsApp Web Enabler

Once you have successfully jailbroken your iOS device, you can head into Cydia , to the BigBoss Repository and download WhatsApp Web Enabler free. The tweak enables the WhatsApp Web Client to run on iOS.

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  1. Activate WhatsApp Web Clientwhatsapp web mac pc

When the tweak is installed, open up WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad and you should see a new button in the Settings menu of the app. The button says WhatsApp Web. Now you can download the Web Client itself. First, tap on the new button in the app. On your computer or Mac head to web.whatsapp.com [ext link] and you will see a QR code on the website. As long as you have tapped the WhatsApp Web button, you will be able to scan the code and it will work on your iOS device. Install WhatsApp Web Client on your Mac or PC [ext link]

  1. Download WhatsMac App [ Mac only*] here.whatsapp web client

The developer of the WhatsApp Web Enabler tweak has included settings to enable or disable the tweak, right from within the settings app on your iPhone. This is an updated release and also contains a number of bug fixes to fix issues that appeared in the first version. Word is that WhatsApp Web Client will be available on iOS eventually but security conscious Apple is taking its time in looking over the ap and deciding whether it is safe to include it or not. If it means lifting restrictions then it may take some time for the decision to be made, especially as Apple is rumored to be including another, deeper level of security into iOS 9.

Let us know how you get on with the tweak and if you encounter any issues.

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