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Are you the kind of person who is a frequent traveller and likes to keep a check on the weather ? If yes, then perhaps you might be in the habit of checking the weather forecast app again and again on your iOS device , right ? Well, what if we told you that you don’t have to go such a long way into your phone to take a peek at the climatic changes ? Yes, with the amazing new jailbreak tweak called WeatherPeek, you get the weather highlights straight on your Spotlight, Home screen, or the Lock screen.

Image : WeatherPeek Download from Cydia

weatherpeek cydia app

Features :

Some major features of the tweak are .

  • WeatherPeek shows you the current weather information on the Home screen when you swipe the first page towards the left of the screen and hold it. This gesture will not reveal the whole page, but will only show you a part of the weather info which you can quickly take a look at. WeatherPeek-screen-shot-a
  • Similarly, the Lock screen and Spotlight can also display you the weather highlights directly. weatherPeek_1
  • The tweak will replace the Lock screen clock with the current temperature of the set location with the weather forecast for different hours during the day. WeatherPeek-screen-shot
  • WeatherPeek is easy to use, as you will be taken automatically to the Spotlight for a detailed walkthrough of the tweak when you install it. An in-depth guide will help you select the location and choose the unit of temperature along with other settings.
  • When selecting the location, the tweak does not ask you to enable Location Services or to enter the Weather ID. You will be displayed a map and you just have to tap on the city you want to set as your location.
  • The tweak has its own separate preferences pane in the Settings and includes addition settings. You can choose Minimal look or the Normal look of the Lock screen weather info. You can also disable or enable the tweak fir the Lock screen, Spotlight, or Home screen. You can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. weatherPeek-prefs

WeatherPeek carries a lot of settings and customization options along with a very sleek design. The best part of the tweak is the ability to take a look at the weather info quickly by swiping left on the Home screen. The tweaks is very easy to setup and is very convenient.

Download :

Want to try out WeatherPeek ? If yes, then the BigBoss repo has this tweak for $1.99. Free download is also possible by adding several 3rd party repo’s available on Cydia.

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