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Listening to music is one of the many things we love doing with our iPhones. However, it is never enough for some people and jailbreak users are always on the lookout for customizing the Music app even further. Wouldn’t it be really nice if you could add a visualizer in the Music app ? Well, the new jailbreak tweak WaveFlow does just that and makes the Music app look even more refreshing.

Image : Cydia Tweak WaveFlow



  • WaveFlow tweak adds a music visualizer to the Now Playing screen of the stock Music app as well as the Lock screen of the iPhone.
  • The tweak works with the Music app only. So if you use the stock Music app for your music needs, then the tweak is definitely worth buying.
  • After installing the WaveFlow tweak and rebooting your iPhone, just launch the stock Music app and play any song. You will see the visualizer appear on the Now Playing interface.WaveFlow-576x1024 (1)
  • Unlike other visualizer tweaks, WaveFlow is very accurate.
  • It works perfectly in the Music app and the visualizer also appears on the album art displayed on the Lock screen when the music is playing.WaveFlow-2 (1)
  • WaveFlow works with the music that you have on your device and even with the music that you stream from Apple Music.
  • The WaveFlow tweak has no toggles for enabling the visualizer, so it works right away without any configurations.
  • The tweak has a preference pane in the stock Settings app where you can enable additional four visualization methods to get a more customized look. There are plenty of other customization options in the preferences pane. waveflow1

What We Did Not Like

The WaveFlow tweak uses a package from GitHub and it does not warn you about that in advance. Though the package is safe and Teggers, the developer, pulls from mootjeuh’s fork of the library on GitHub, he should have included a warning for this in the tweak so that users would know about it. However, the developer does state that once the official lubobjcjpc package on Cydia is updated with necessary components, he will link the tweak to it.

Other than the above said small developer-user transparency issue, the WaveFlow tweak works perfectly as said. So if you want an accurate and good looking visualizer to match your music, then WaveFlow is simply the best tweak for that.

Download WaveFlow :

WaveFlow costs only $1.00 and you can get it from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. You can also get it for free by downloading it from 3rd party repo’s.

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  1. Once you reboot, simply open the stock Music app and begin playing a song of your choice. You ll notice a new visualizer that appears on the Now Playing interface.

  2. Permanent Link to WaveFlow adds a visualizer to the iOS 8. Phone s Now Playing interface in the stock Music app, and on your iPhone s Lock screen.

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