Volbright – Use Volume Button to Adjust Brightness

It isn’t too difficult to change the brightness of your iPhone or iPad screen; all you have to do is swipe up to get into Control Center and change it from there. Sometimes though, you want an easier way and a new jailbreak tweak called VolBright might just be what you are looking for.

Image : Volbright – Use Volume Buttons to Adjust Screen Brightness

volbright cydia tweak

Features of VolBright :

The volume buttons on our iOS devices are set, by default, to change the volume of the output on the device and, in some cases, they act as a camera shutter button. Other than that, they don’t have any other use, until you install VolBright. VolBright allows you to do the following.

  • Choose whether to use the volume control buttons for volume or to change screen brightness  volbright ringer
  • Flip between the two modes by using the ringer button on your iOS device without having to turn the tweak on and offvolbright in hand
  • The screen brightness mode displays an updated HUD with a brightness icon
  • Great tweak for people who watch a lot of videos, particularly in full-screen mode. Instead of having to swipe up the screen for the grabber and then swipe up again for the Control Center, simply use the volume control buttons instead
  • Works with iOS 9.3.3 and with PPHelper jailbreak

Setting up VolBright :

When you have downloaded VolBright from Cydia, head over to your Settings app and look for the VolBright preferences pane. From there, you can choose to switch the tweak on or off at will.


You can also choose what to have the volume buttons do when Silent mode is activated and deactivated. For example, you could have it set that, when Silent mode is on, the volume buttons become Screen Brightness Controls and revert back when Silent mode is deactivated. Or you could choose to have it the other way around, the choice is yours. And, when you have set it how you want, tap the Respring button to have the changes take effect.

Download :

If this is a tweak that you could make good use of, you will find it in Cydia under the BigBoss repository. VolBright is a free tweak so you have nothing to lose by downloading it but it won’t work unless your device has that silent | ringer button on it.

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