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After a 2 year absence from the Apple App store, VLC is back with a vengeance. Apple had it removed from the store because of copyright violations amongst other things but it has returned, bigger and better than ever before.

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There are already quite a few VLC for iOS customers, this re-emergence will undoubtedly sang a few more along the way. It gives you a much nicer and easier way to watch videos and films on your iOS device.

VLC has always been a popular media player, partly because it works on just about any platform, including Windows, Linux and Mac.  Android did not encounter any issues with VLC but, when it was first released into the Apple store it didn’t stay long before Apple unceremoniously booted it out.

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Despite the fact that it is back there are still those who advocate its removal from iOS immediately, stating that they are still in violation of copyrights, mostly codecs.  The sheer fact that it has reappeared on the App store should be proof enough that it is Ok; having passed Apple’s stringent testing before being allowed back.

VLC is compatible with the iPad and the iPhone and it has undergone a complete redesign and has been rewritten. Multiple core support for codecs is now available, adding to the largest support system already available for codecs.

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File manager is included, allowing you to easily transfer files via iTunes from your PC or Mac to your device. You can use Dropbox or Wi-Fi for this purpose as well if you prefer. You can copy and paste links in VLC for access to web videos and there is also support for AirPlay in addition to network streams, amongst others.

Download :

You can download VLC for iOS, completely free of charge from the official App Store.




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