Velox 2 – Interact with Apps on HomeScreen

Velox is a popular jailbreak tweak that allows the users to access custom folders for certain apps that contain notifications. The tweak also allows you to access several functions related to the app. Few apps like Settings feature a folder that is filled with special functions. Other apps just show notifications.

Image : Velox 2 Tweak on Cydia

velox 2

So basically, the tweak enables you to access special views for any app on the SpringBoard simply with an activation gesture. The default gesture is a swipe up; so when you swipe up on an app, you will be taken to the Velox view of that app. If no view exists for that app, you will be simply shown the pending notifications for that app.

Velox 2 is out and the developer Phillip Tenner has indeed made a lot of efforts to include new features in the tweak. The original Velox had gained a lot of popularity and already had a lot of innovating features, which is why the tweak is worth having. If you have used the original Velox tweak in the past, then you prettymuch know already what to expect from its sequel. Nonetheless, the Velox 2 comes with a fresh air. So let us go through the features of the Velox 2 and find out what’s new and what’s cool.

Features :

  • After installing the Velox 2 tweak, you will notice that the default swipe up gesture still works. Just perform a swipe up on any app on the Home screen and a Velox view or Notifications view will come up.
  • The Velox view is a specially designed extension for some special apps. In case an app does not support Velox view, then it shows the Notifications view by default.
  • The Notifications view enables the users to check the pending notifications of an app in one centralized location.velox1-576x1024
  • You can set a default view for a specific app from the preferences pane of the tweak, which can be found in the stock Settings app.
  • Those who have used Velox before will not find it hard to get around the tweak. Though there are some major differences, like the Velox 2 now supports Touch ID to protect sensitive Velox views. cydia_velox3 (1)

All in all, Velox 2 is a very well-developed sequel of the Velox tweak and pretty much rounds of the shortcomings seen in the earlier version.

Download :

So in case you haven’t tried Velox yet, you can get it on Cydia on $1.99. You can even get it for free from 3rd party repo’s.

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