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iOS 7 is the oldest iOS version that some users will still be on and, because it is so old, there are never going to be any more jailbreaks for it. Those users that are still on it are most likely there because they are running older hardware that simply doesn’t support the new iOS firmware and that leaves them up the creek without a paddle when it comes to jailbreaking. There is some good news for all iOS 7 users now; a new app installer called TutuApp Installer has been released, giving us an alternative to Cydia that is fully supported on iOS 7.

Image : TutuApp Download Tutorial

What is TutuApp Installer ?

TutuApp is the best app installer to be released and is definitely the best Cydia Alternative that we have. As well as a whole heap of premium content, content that you would have to pay for elsewhere, you also get access to a wide range of different tweaks that you would only get from Cydia normally. All of this is available in just a few simple steps, all without a jailbreak and all without the need to provide your Apple ID anywhere along the line. Because you don’t need to Download Cydia, your warranty is being kept safe and you can download to your heart’s content. This is what Tutu App [ext link] installer has to offer.

Image : TutuApp

TutuApp Installer Features :

  • Easy download and installation process
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to delete when no longer required
  • Features fast download speeds
  • Its own built-in cache cleaner and a memory optimizer
  • Works on all iPhone and iPad models and some desktops
  • Can be installed whether you have a jailbreak or not
  • The top selling premium content and the best Cydia tweaks, all for free
  • Updated regularly with all the best and latest apps and games

Download TutuApp :

iOS 7 is never going to be the subject of another jailbreak and that means two choices , going without or using TutuApp installer as an alternative. Because it offers so much in the way of games, apps, and tweaks, you won’t get a better alternative anywhere else. You will need to follow our tutorial to install it.

  1. First launch the Safari web browser on your iOS device [ iPad or iPhone ] and go this website tutu-app.org 
  2. When the page loads up tap on the UP arrow [ it would be at the bottom or top of the screen as shown below ]  
  3. Tap on Add to Home Screen next  
  4. Name the app as TutuApp and tap on Add option 
  5. Close Safari and you will find TutuApp on your home screen  

Video : Above steps in video

Tell us what you are going to; will you install TutuApp VIP Installer or not ? Follow us on Facebook for more news and updates.

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