Transition – iOS LockScreen Unlock Animation

iOS 8 has been considered as one of the most successful iOS versions till date. However, there were quite a few things which were not liked by most of the users and made us wish that Apple should have stuck to the previous version of iOS. One of such things is the lock screen. In the older iOS versions, the lock screen had a button which you need to slide to unlock the screen. However, in iOS 8 you need to completely slide the lockscreen in order to unlock the UI. This is not liked by everyone.

Image : iOS LockScreen animation with Transition Cydia Tweak

transition cydia app

But thanks to jailbreaking, there is a Cydia tweak that can add spice to your lock screen by replacing the old sliding effect with awesome animations. It is called the Transition tweak and it includes a handful of animations which can be enabled to appear while sliding the lockscreen to unlock the iOS device.

Features :

  • The Transition tweak adds animation to the Slide to Unlock gesture. So when you slide your finger over the screen to unlock it, you can see some cool animations.Transition2
  • You can choose from 25 different animations , ranging from sphere, scanner effect, distortion, gloom, glide, comic, flash, blur, pixelation, and much more. Transition1
  • The animations are very smooth and work perfectly.
  • The user can even change the way the animation looks by simply changing the wallpaper of the lock screen.
  • In case you use Touch ID for unlocking your device, not all of the animations might work with it.
  • The Transition tweak is pretty simple and there is nothing much to configure. You just have to enable the tweak and choose your preferred animation style from the tweak’s preference pane in the stock Settings app.transition_lockscreen_app1-side
  • You don’t need to reboot your device every time you change the animation style. The changes are applied in real time and you just need to lock and then unlock your device to see the changes.
  • You can also select the Random option in order to get different random animations when unlocking the screen every time.transition_cydia_app1-side
  • When you enable the Transition tweak, your device will vibrate every time you unlock the device, which some users may find irritating. But other than that, the tweak works wonderfully.

Download :

Transition is supported on iOS 8 and is available to download from Cydia for $1.99. To buy and download the tweak, follow the linked tutorial. You can also add 3rd party repo’s to Cydia to download this tweak free of cost.

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