Touch ID Not Working Fix

The fingerprint sensor that made its debut on the iPhone 5S has certainly caused a bit of a stir. Despite a few teething problems it is fast becoming one of the most popular features that Apple has ever implemented on one of their devices.

Image : iPhone Touch ID Sensor Not Functioning Properly


iPhone Touch ID Problem :

Some users are struggling to get to get to grips with Touch ID, with people reporting that they are finding it difficult to use it to unlock their iPhone’s. If you are one of those, don’t worry because help is at hand with a nifty little trick that can get you past that irritating stage.

Apple always manages to bring something out that impresses at least some of their customers. The iPhone 5S is one of those devices that has managed to hit the limelight for more than one reason. First off was the release of a brand new colour scheme – the gold model proved so popular that it sold out almost instantly. The addition of a brand new 64-bit processor and the M7 Motion Control Coprocessor and a much better camera system added sugar to the mix but the icing on the cake was the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. However, being the first of its kind it was obvious there were going to be a few issues and the biggest one is the issue of it not detecting the fingerprint straight away.

How to Fix Touch ID Recognition Problems :

One way to make it easier to get past that lock screen is to use a feature that is already built in to the system. You can actually set up to 5 different fingerprints to make your iPhone 5S recognize your print. Let’s assume you use one specific finger to operate the Home Button – your forefinger. Scan and detect that fingerprint 5 times because that then gives your iPhone a lot more information about that specific print to go on and you will find that you will get past your lock screen much easier and quicker.

iphone 5s finger print scans

It might sound too simple to work, but work it does, as many people who have tried it are reporting. Have a go and let us know if it works for you too.

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  1. How would you get a finger print scanner on a device without a scanner? Itt is like saying that Downloading an app on your iphone can change. A pencil into a pen. How is that remotely possible!?

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