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The just launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are packed to brim with new features, and perhaps the most-talked about feature is the 3D Touch, a.k.a the Force Touch technology. However, this is not a software update and special hardware changes have been done in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to include this technology. This means that 3D Touch will not work on iPhone 6 and older. However, nothing is impossible for jailbreak tweak developers and yes, there is a jailbreak tweak that aims to bring 3D Touch to the older iPhones. Update : There is a new Cydia app named Force Touch Activator that brings 3D Touch features to older iOS devices .

Image : Touch 3D Cydia Tweak in Action

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Elias Limneos, well-known jailbreak developer, is reportedly working on a jailbreak tweak that will imitate 3D Touch on older iPhones. It obviously will not work as smoothly and exactly as the real 3D Touch in the new iPhones, but it will surely emulate 3D Touch by using the long tap-and-hold gesture. The tweak will be called Touch 3D and its preview appeared in a recent YouTube video.

Video : Touch 3D in Action

Touch 3D Tweak Features :

As seen in the video, the Touch 3D tweak has got shortcut gestures for the Camera, Settings, and Phone app inspired directly from 3D Touch. The tweak might also provide support for Activator, the very popular tweak developed and maintained by developer Ryan Petrich, to customize the invoking method for pop-up menus. But going by how the real 3D Touch technology works, the default gesture to bring up the shortcuts menu on apps will be the long-press gesture.

As mentioned earlier, the tweak will be released soon on Cydia under the name of Touch 3D. The original 3D Touch in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus works by sensing the amount of pressure applied on the display and invoking menus according to it. This type of hardware is not available in the displays of the older iPhones, so do not expect Touch 3D to be a total clone of 3D Touch. We expect the Touch 3D tweak to invoke an array of features and menus when the user long-presses an app icon on the Home screen.

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The video has obviously been released to create hype around the tweak and to increase its popularity, which is a common practice for the tweak developers nowadays. There is no news as to when the Touch 3D tweak will be released, but it should not be more than a few weeks, as the developer is still working on it. Meanwhile, developer Limneos is also working on cloning another iPhone 6s feature – Live Photos. Further developments are expected soon.

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