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A lot of times when using our iPad or iPhone to read something in a mail or in a text, we come across a word that is something we have never heard of. This obviously requires you to use the dictionary. So what most of us do is go to the Safari browser, open Google, and search for the meaning of that particular word. But isn’t it a lengthy process ? Coming out of the app, going to Safari, searching the meaning, then resuming to the app you were in- it takes up a lot of time.

Image : TextSearchPro – Search the Web Anywhere on iPhone

textsearch pro tweak

Well, if your iOS device is jailbroken, you can make the process much shorter with a jailbreak tweak named TextSearchPro

Features :

  • TextSearchPro makes it easier to search for definitions. You don’t need to leave the app you are using in order to find the meaning of a word, and that’s what this tweak does quickly for you.
  • Using Activator and FlipSwitch tweaks, TextSearchPro enables you to search anything from any part of your iOS UI.
  • After the tweak is invoked, you will get a popup on the screen. You need to type in the word inside the given area and search for the meaning either on the web or in the inbuilt iOS dictionary. textsearchpro6
  • TextSearchPro can be invoked in two different ways. You can either set an Activator gesture for it, or you can simply get a new FlipSwitch toggle for it in the Control Centertextsearch1
  • Once you install the tweak, you can configure its preferences by going to the stock Settings app. Inside the preferences pane of the tweak, you can choose which search engine you want to use for searching the words, and you can also choose to search with the iOS dictionary.
  • When you choose the option to perform the search through web, the teak will automatically open up a browser to show you the search results. You get all important functions like forward, back, refresh, bookmark, etc. in the browser. You can enable more than one search engine, and the tweak will ask you which engine to search which when you enter a word. The currently supported search engines are  Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Japan, and Bingtextsearchpro1
  • In case you want to use Activator for invoking the tweak, you need to set a gesture for it by going to the Activator pane inside Settings.

Download :

You can get the TextSearchPro tweak for just $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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