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Most people tend to stick to using just two volume settings on their Phone – the Ringer volume, which controls the ring tone, text and notification volume and Media volume, for audio and video. The biggest problem is that iOS tends to default to the ringer volume unless you are playing music or video, in which case, the volume buttons can be used to control how loud it is.

Image : SwitchHUD Tweak

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If you are happy with that then it’s well and good but for those who want a little more control, there is a new jailbreak tweak that might interest you. It’s called SwitchHUD and it allows you to toggle between the two volumes manually using a simple Activator action. Instead of having to open the Control center to change the volume settings, you will be able to choose exactly what your volume buttons will adjust when you want them to.

With SwitchHUD you can set your ringer volume at a level comfortable for you, turning it off with the ringer | silent switch when required and still use the volume buttons for controlling the volume of your media at the same time.

When you have applied the iOS 9.1 jailbreak [ext link], head over to Cydia and download the tweak. After installation you will see a Preferences pane in your Settings app, where you can configure a couple of settings .switchhud1

  • Enable or disable the tweak as and when you want  switchhud2
  • Pick the Activator action from a list of available ones, that you want to use for toggling between the volume modes  SwitchHUD-preferences

For example, if you were to choose to double tap on your status bar, you will see the ringer volume; another double tap on the status bar will bring up the media volume.


Download :

SwitchHUD is a great tweak for giving you back some of that control over your volumes and, as an added bonus, it is completely Free to download from the BigBoss repository on Cydia.  If you want to be able to control all of your volumes from one easy to use interface, check out Volume Mixer 2 [ext link]. Don’t forget that, to use both of these tweaks, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod or iPad on the latest jailbreak for iOS 9.1.

What are your thoughts on SwitchHUD ? Is it something you would find useful or not? Let us know in the comments box below and make sure you stay up to date with all the latest jailbreak news by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Facebook.

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