Cydia Substrate iOS 9.3.3

Jay Freeman, otherwise known as Saurik, is a sticker for keeping Cydia as up to date as possible, providing us all with the best possible jailbreak experience. Recently, Pangu and PP Assistant released a brand new jailbreak for iOS 9.2 to 9.3.3 called PPHelper and to keep up with that, Saurik has released an updated version of Cydia Substrate, ensuring that the jailbreak app store is fully compatible with the latest jailbreak and iOS versions.

Image : Cydia Substrate

cydia substrate ios 9.3.3

Cydia Substrate is a vital part of jailbreaking as it is the piece of the puzzle that makes everything work. Substrate is responsible for allowing the Cydia tweaks to install onto your iOS device and to protect that device from potentially faulty tweaks. Substrate Safe Mode is another important part because it allows you to carry on using your device after it has been jailbroken and troubleshoot any issues that could be caused by bad or incompatible packages or tweaks. Although you will only ever need to use Safe Mode of your jailbroken device crashes, you will find that it stops you from having to go through the tedious motions of having to restore your device and reinstall the jailbreak.

Cydia Substrate Features :

Cydia Substrate is now on version 0.9.6200 and supports up to and including iOS 9.3.3. Other features of the update include:

  • Helping to mitigate a storage issue that arose with PPHelper jailbreak. It isn’t going to fix this problem completely and it is unlikely that there will ever be a complete fix but this will help. If you already installed something else to help with this, you need to delete it before you update Cydia Substrate
  • A bug that was causing instability through function hooking, no matter what version of Substrate you were on, is now fixed
  • Full support for No Substrate Mode on the up to date iOS versions. This will help when your iOS device has a problem after a tweak has been installed. To go into No Substrate Mode, reboot your device, open up Cydia and hold the Volume Up button down

How to Update Cydia Substrate on iOS 9.3.3 :

If you have already used PPHelper to jailbreak and install Cydia iOS 9.3.3 on your device, you should install this latest update.

  1. Open Cydia cydia download safari search0
  2. Tap Changes from the options on the bottom of the screen cydia ios 9 home iphone 6s
  3. Look for the new update, if it isn’t there, tap on the Refresh button
  4. Tap the update and download it cydia_substrate
  5. Reboot your iOS device to complete installation iphone_6_logo_apple (1)

If you haven’t yet installed PPHelper on your OS device, follow our linked step by step tutorial.

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  1. I accidentally deleted cydia substrate now cydia connect to the servers.Can anyone please tell me how to reinstall cydia substrate?

    • Hi Carol,So nice to see you here in the blogosphere.. I love your phoots on Instagram Wow, this piece is amazing! You are so talented and I’m so glad your husband and friend encouraged you to work on this piece. It is truly phenomenal!xoxo

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