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A little while back, we brought you news of an alternative to Cydia called iMods. It is still in development but first look gave the impression that it was very similar to Apple’s iOS app store in design and layout. There is only one source in it and no room for any pirate apps. Until now, we hadn’t heard any more about iMods but things have taken an interesting turn.

Image : Comex the popular jailbreaker who created JailbreakMe

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A developer known as Comex has stepped in to help. Comex used to be very active on the jailbreak scene, responsible for the only jailbreak that didn’t require a computer to be installed. He was hired by Apple and then, supposedly, by Google. Comex has been helping the iMods team with the development of a substitute for Cydia substrate, called Substitute.

Cydia Substrate (used to be Mobile Substrate) is what is responsible for allowing software to be modified without a source code, giving users many more options than they had before. Substrate is closed source and, as such, cannot be used by iMods and Saurik, the brains behind Cydia, is not planning to give the team any support. According to Comex, his main reason for working on Substitute is that :

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On the iMods GitHub page, he wrote a lengthy spiel, saying that the spirit of jailbreaking is about making more stuff as open as possible. He says that the framework for Cydia and iMods should be open source, especially as jailbreakers are not charged for using it. Right now, iMods has not even reached the Alpha development stage but the addition of Comex may just have given the team a bit more of that much-needed credibility.

We don’t know when or indeed if iMods will eventually be released and, if it is, what effect it has on Cydia. There is also the commitment that Saurik has made to the jailbreak community, which is without fault and truly dedicated. Although he is not prepared to give iMods any support at this stage, with a talented developer like Comex on the scene now, perhaps in time they will be able to work things out.

What do you think about an alternative option to Cydia? Do you think it would work and would you be prepared to give it a go ?

Stay Tuned for More iMods News :


Source : Github

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  1. I’m actually glad, with competition comes better service. I have nothing about Cydia but a competition will benefit all. Cydia has a major issue that apps that are purchase and they don’t work the user looses the money cause no way to report them if the developer doesn’t want to refund.. I’ve try to send emails to Cydia about refunds and they never answer. Hopefully they won’t sell like rock did.

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