SPTouch – Virtual Home Button for iOS

The Home button of the iPhone is an important part of the device and is one of the few things that differentiates the iPhones from all the other smartphones in the world. The physical button helps you perform important function like switch between different apps, go back to the home screen, etc. But it has been noticed that careless or even daily use of the Home button can cause it to wear out, and it happens sometimes that the Home button stops working.

Image : SPTouch – Virtual Home Button for iOS

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Many users have reported that they have faced situations when their iPhone’s Home button stopped working, or registered the press only when pressed a lot of times. So all this means that you need to use the Home button properly and not in excess. There’s the Assistive Touch feature in the iPhone, but you won’t be able to use it in case it is disabled and the Home button in the iPhone stops working at that time. As the only last resort, you will be forced to replace the Home button and that might cost you some significant amount of money.

However, if you are using a jailbroken iPhone, you can avoid such situations. With a new jailbreak tweak called SPTouch, you get a virtual Home button, which reduces your need to use the physical Home button again and again.

Features :

  • Somewhat like Assistive Touch, the SPTouch tweak adds a virtual button on the iPhone’s display, and that button can be then used as the Home button. It enacts the functions of the physical Home button.
  • You can reposition this virtual Home button by dragging and dropping anywhere on the screen. SPTouch-tweak
  • You can go to the Home screen by tapping on the virtual button. You can launch the App Switcher by double tapping on the virtual button.sptouch2
  • That’s not it. You can even customize the SPTouch button in different ways by going to the preferences pane of the tweak in the stock Settings app. You can modify the transparency and size of the button, and you can even disable it for the Lock screen so that it is not visible there. You don’t need to reboot the device as the changes take place right away. sptouch4

But not all looks well for the SPTouch tweak. The virtual button does not look native on iOS 9 devices, which can be a turn off for many people. Other than that, SPTouch works perfectly and prevents the physical Home button from taking any damage.

Download :

SPTouch is available in Cydia for free at the BigBoss repo.

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