SmsSave – Save iMessage and SMS into Message App

One of the most significant pitfalls of not only iOS, but most smartphone operating systems, is the inability to keep a log of previously deleted text messages. Sometimes messages are deleted on accident and it seems a practical solution offered to tech users would be some sort of backup plan for mistakes such as this. In addition, for people using their phones as business tools, it would be nice to keep records of previous conversations, similar to email sent boxes. Actually, email is way ahead of texts in that regard, as even the messages you delete are not gone forever.

Image : SmsSave – Save iMessage and SMS into Message App

smssave tweak

SmsSave, the new tweak available in the BigBoss repo in Cydia is a great and practical solution for all of the detrimental aspects of a texting system with no fail safe for accidental deletion. SmsSave works as a sort of storage locker for any texts you select to be saved in. Basically, when you have a message thread that you would like to save, you can hard press and hold down on the thread and a menu will pop up. Within this menu is an option to bookmark a certain thread or message. These bookmarked messages are saved in a bookmarked area for later references.

When you would like to view all of the old messages you have bookmarked, you can click on the star icon in the corner of the app and it will take you to the storage area where they are saved.

Features :

  • Save any message with easily holding down on the thread and selecting save smssave2
  • Look up saved messages by contact or date. This negates the necessity to have to scroll through all of your saved messages to find the one you are looking for.
  • Keep detailed records of conversations for work or personal reference. smsSave-577x1024

Download :

I think this is a great app that everyone could benefit from installing. It is easy to use and serves a great purpose. Remembering conversations and reference points could be an invaluable service to those who use their devices for work. It seems as though a lot of people have gotten used to the idea of having a ton of open threads in their messaging window and I have never understood that. If there were a way to delete all of your old threads and keep a clean inbox while still being able to hang on to noteworthy conversations than this would be it. SmsSave is a Free download in the Cydia BigBoss repo.

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