SmartPass – Smart Passcode Enabling System

iOS is known for many things, and one of them is its tight security mechanism that Apple keeps on tightening even further with constant updates. If Android is known for apps, then iOS is known for the safety and security that it provides to its users with features like Passcode and Touch ID. Let’s take Passcode for instance. It helps you stop other people from sneaking into your device. Majority of iOS users lock down their devices with Passcodes so that their personal information and files remain safe from prying eyes.

Image : SmartPass – Smart Passcode Enabling System

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So there’s no doubt that Passcode is an excellent way of keeping your phone under tight security. However, users have complained many times that this method is very tedious and boring, and even unnecessary in certain situations. For example, if you are alone in your house and have no one else to disrupt your privacy, you can easily get irritated of typing in the Passcode again and again even though you don’t need that security in that situation. Well, if you really have faced such situations and hate them, then there’s a jailbreak tweak to get it sorted.

Known as SmartPass, this tweak by CP Digital Darkroom brings some additions to the Passcode security mechanism. It helps you disable the Passcode in certain situations that you choose. It is somewhat similar to the old CleverPin tweak. Interested ? Read on about its features.

Features :

  • The SmartPass tweak lets you to bypass the passcode of your iOS device in certain locations or situations as chosen by you. So whenever or wherever applicable, the passcode prompt does not come up and the device is unlocked directly. smartpass1
  • Just to give you an example, you can add a WiFi network or a Bluetooth connection the the tweak’s whitelist. When you get connected to any of those networks, the tweak will come into action and will remove the Passcode lock automatically. So you won’t be asked to enter the passcode unless you are disconnected from those networks. smartpass2
  • The tweak only removes the Passcode and not the swipe to unlock screen, which you need to pass on your way to unlocking the device. smartpass3

Download :

Some users might not be comfortable with the idea of not having their Passcode turned on, while a lot of users do appreciate the convenience and relaxation that the SmartPass tweak offers. If you like this tweak, you can get it from Cydia for $1. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo’s .

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