SmartClose – iOS Background App Killer

Ryan Petrich is an extremely popular jailbreak tweak developer who has made almost a dozen or more awesome Cydia tweaks, one of which is the very important Activator tweak. And he has done an excellent job in another of his tweak called SmartClose. Basically, this tweak helps users to put the background apps into a deep sleep mode, which conserves  battery life as well as system resource. And now that the SmartClose tweak is available for iOS 8 as well, it is worth going through the features of this tweak again.

Image : SmartClose Cydia App

smartclose cydia app background app killer

Features :

  • SmartClose does not force kill an app, which is something you must never do. However, it prevents apps from running into background by putting them into a standby mode so that they do not use up system resources unnecessarily.
  • After installing SmartClose, a preference pane for the tweak is added to the stock Settings app. There is a Clear Switcher toggle, Enabled Applications section, and an Activator Methods section inside the preferences.SmartClose_3
  • All of the apps are enabled by default and the Clear Switcher is toggled ON.SmartClose_2
  • When you use the specific Activator gesture to invoke the SmartClose tweak, it closes all the enabled apps and puts them to sleep in the background, thus preventing them from using GPU, CPU, or Cellular/WiFi data.
  • This way, the apps remained close, but they launch quickly when you tap them. This is better than force closing the apps through the App Switcher, because in that case, the apps need to re-launch from zero which can affect battery life and use more system resources.
  • In case your iOS device is running low on memory even after using SmartClose to put the apps in a deep freeze state, that is not a problem as iOS will automatically kill those apps in order to free up RAM whenever needed.

How to Use SmartClose :

You need to assign an Activator gesture to SmartClose in order to invoke it when you want to SmartClose an app.

  1. Launch the Activator tweak and tap the Anywhere option.
  2. Now choose your choice of action or gesture that you would like to use to invoke the SmartClose tweak.
  3. Then on the next page, choose SmartClose from the given list. It will be mostly listed under the System Actions section.
  4. Now you can use the specific gesture while in an app to close that app and put it into a deep sleep mode to conserve system resources.

Download :

SmartClose is a really useful tweak. It is available for free on Cydia, so it is definitely worth trying once. Download Cydia today on your iPhone and get SmartClose app

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