How to Speed Up your Slow iPhone

iOS 7 introduced some new features, some of which have been well-received, others of which haven’t.  One of the latter is the new Parallax effect and the animations on the user interface.  Since it was released in September, there have been numerous reports of people suffering from nausea and dizziness from using this effect.  I would appear that Apple does listen to its customers because, when iOS 7.0.3 was released, the Reduce Motion feature underwent an update to increase it, making the Parallax effect less noticeable.

Image : iOS 7 on iPhone 4 – 4S and iPhone 5

ios 7 iphone 5 iphone 4

One unexpected side effect of the update is that it not only makes the UI easer to look it, it also makes your device seem to be exceedingly fast.  If you want to cut the motion effect off:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Accessibility
  4. Tap on Reduce Motion reduce motion ios 7
  5. Tap to turn it on

This will switch off Parallax, you will then notice the difference in the animations, and in how much faster they are.  While some may say that shutting off the Parallax effect will take something vital away from iOS 7, it can make your experience with the new firmware much more user-friendly.  And, you get the effect of the device being much faster as well.

While it doesn’t actually speed up the iPhone or iPad itself, the difference will be seen in launching apps, opening folders, unlocking your device, anything that uses animations of any kind.  And, one more added effect could be tha it saves you on a little bit of battery life as well, something that iOS users are often having trouble with.

iOS 7 Causing Motion Sickness among Users :

If iOS 7 is literally making you sick, give this a go and see how you get on with it.  While you might miss the motion effect to start with, the added benefits will probably make it all worthwhile in the end.

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    • Glad to see you got this updated!Honestly my main draw to your app is the brongacukd updating because its by far way better then non jailbreak apps. I think your just reinventing the wheel adding friend support when the official latitude app does just fine. My main use of google latitude is to log my location every 15 min. I have 2 years of location history and it’s so cool to see a map of my travels. I hate it when I travel outside of service or go to another country and my location history stops. It would be awesome if longitude uploaded all those failed attempts when a connection is restablished. That would be a huge deal for me.

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