SlideMe – Rotary Style Passcode Unlock Screen

Looking to juice up your boring old passcode screen in iOS ? Here comes “SlideMe”, a colorful new tweak in Cydia’s gauntlet of options available to iOS users with jailbroken phones. SlideMe offers a departure from the standard plug and chug entry method. Basically, it is an old school rotary [ circular – see images below ] interface that users slide to pick entry points for code numbers. The new app has customizable colors and is a welcome change to the old way to log in to your iPhone.

Image : SlideMe is a Rotary Style Passcode Unlock Screen for iPhone

slideme tweaks

Features :

  • Ability to adjust the unfilled color ring color
  • Ability to adjust the filled color ring color
  • Ability to adjust the border color
  • Ability to Adjust the text Color
  • 4-digit passcode
  • 6-digit passcode

In addition to above features, SlideMe installs a pane in your Settings menu [image below] when you download it. Within this settings point, you can do all of your customization including programing your own unique color schemes. There is also a quick reset button to select default settings with one touch.slideme2SlideMe-Preferences-Pane-Options-to-Configure


Obviously one of the reasons people jailbreak their phone is because they have grown tired of Apple’s efficient yet mundane interface. Tweaks offer all sorts of fun new ways to decorate and accessorize iPhones as well as practical, more useful features. I like the idea that in this age of new technology we can literally upgrade the look of even those most utilitarian functions of our phones. The question is why have a flashy passcode screen and the answer is why not ? SlideMe even uses a color picker interface [image above] in which you can design your own color scheme by selecting points on the ROYGBIV spectrum.

Video : SlideMe Jailbreak Tweak in Action

Download :

At $1.49, Slide Me is a cost efficient way to spruce up your device and keep an important security feature of your iPhone active. We live in an era where appearance and functionality have become equivalent factors in tech design and unfortunately, stock Apple products are focused more on utility than vanity. But for those who are fans of Cydia’s tweaks and have phones that support them, accessory has become the new mother of invention. In addition to a fully customizable color scheme, the new rotary look adds a feel of Mission Impossible like security that will have people asking, “What is that and where can I get it ?” The answer is the BigBoss Repo in Cydia and its $1.49, a reasonable price for a great tweak that makes even the most mundane aspects of your phone colorful and fun to use. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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