SilentMessenger – FB Messenger Privacy Tweak

Privacy is one of the biggest issues of many online users these days, especially those who use Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Not everyone wants others to know when they are online, or when they were last active.  To help you protect your privacy, a new jailbreak tweak has been released, called SilentMessenger, allowing you quite a bit of control over your online privacy.

Image : SilentMessenger – FB Messenger Privacy Tweak

silent messenger tweak

SilentMessenger is packed full of features that enhance your Facebook and Facebook Messenger experience. With this tweak, you can control certain aspects of your privacy, such as :

  • You can disable Facebook and Facebook Messenger from showing when you were online last
  • You can disable both apps from showing if you are currently online
  • You can disable both apps from showing typing and read receipts from others
  • You have the option of disabling them all at once or disabling them individuallySilentMessenger_3

One thing you must keep in mind is that, if you install SilentMessenger, you will not be able to see the current activity status of other people, nor will you be able to see when they were last active online, in the same way that they can’t see your activity.

When you have installed SilentMessenger, a preferences pane will be added to Settings. Go into that to activate Silent Mode and a blue banner will show at the top of both apps to tell you that you are in Silent Mode.SilentMessenger_1

SilentMessenger has one or two other little tricks as well, including :

  • The ability to send unlimited numbers of photos in one go
  • Disabling Facebook analytics with a “Do Not Track” setting, which means Facebook will not receive usage stats or data for either appSilentMessenger_2
  • The ability to send long videos
  • The ability to stop videos from playing automatically in Facebook by disabling “Video Auto Play
  • The ability to switch between several different account if you have more than one

Download :

SilentMessenger is a feature rich tweak and one that will prove to be useful for people who want to be able to protect their privacy or who just want to take advantage of the options to send more photos and longer videos. The tweak is now on Cydia for just $1.50 and is compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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