How to Set a Song as your Alarm Sound on iPhone

For most of us, getting up in the morning is a very daunting task in itself, especially when the rest of your day is going to be full of new challenges. The cruel, ever-flowing time that waits for none, forces you to abandon your sweet sleep and get ready for the day ahead. Most of us nowadays are not in the habit of using alarm clocks and the purpose is now served by our iPhones. The morning alarm of your iPhone does wake you up gently, but what if you woke up to your favourite song everyday ? Wouldn’t it be a great start ?

Image : Setting Up Songs as Alarm Tunes on iOS

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Well fortunately, Apple Music has something exactly like that. You can now set your favourite song as the morning alarm so that you wake up to the melody which keeps running in your mind all day all night long.

Even though Apple has stuffed in some pleasant alarm tones in the iPhone, there are limitations. And anyway, a melodious song sounds better to the ears that just a constant, repetitive ring.

So if you want to set an Apple Music song as the alarm in your iPhone, then just follow the below-given easy tutorial. But please note that you are required to add the song to the Library first before you can set it as the alarm.

How to Add Apple Music Songs to the Library in iOS

  1. Launch Apple Music in order to add your songs to My Music.
  2. Now search the song.
  3. Once you get the song, just tap the Ellipsis given next to that song.
  4. You will get a menu with various options. Select the Add to My Music option.

This way, you can add all your favourite songs on by one to the Library. Once added, you can quit Apple Music and go to the Clock app to set the song as your alarm.

How to Set Apple Music Song as Alarm in iOS

  1. Launch the Clock app.
  2. Select the Alarm option given in the bottom menu. In case you have set an alarm already, you can just select Edit, or you can add a new alarm instead by just tapping the + symbol.ipad ios 9 alarm song0
  3. Once you have set the required alarm time, tap on Sound. You will come across two major menus named as SONGS and RINGTONES. ipad ios 9 alarm song3
  4. Tap the Pick a song option in the SONGS menu. This will take you to a Pick a song screen.  ipad ios 9 alarm song2
  5. Now tap on Songs. All the songs that you had Added to My Music will be displayed in a list. ipad ios 9 alarm song1
  6. Select whichever song you want to set as the alarm.

Done! Your favourite song has now been set as the alarm tone. You can follow the same steps to choose any other song for another days of the week.

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