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Isn’t it annoying when you get calls from a person you don’t want to talk to? Well thankfully, there is a feature in iOS which enables users to block phone numbers. After blocking a number, you will never receive any messages, FaceTime calls, or phone calls from that number. This feature comes in handy for women who are tired of stalkers calling them again and again, or for that businessman who is tired of receiving phone calls and messages from a real estate or an insurance agent.

Image : Sentinel – iPhone Call Blocking Tweak from Cydia

sentinel ios 9 call blocker

However, what if you could get more options in this call blocking feature? Well, if your iPhone is jailbroken, then there’s just the tweak for you. The Sentinel jailbreak tweak adds a lot more features to the call blocking features of iOS and extends the flexibility of the feature.


  • The Sentinel tweak allows you to view a list of every number you have blocked in your iPhone. This list shows the call time and the number of times that you received calls from those numbers and the number of times that the calls were blocked. sentinel2
  • With this tweak, you can also set specific phone number prefixes so that you can block all the phone calls starting with that prefix. This is a really cool feature which makes sure that if the caller calls from multiple numbers and all the numbers have the first few digits in common, then those calls will also get blocked automatically. sentinel3
  • Whenever a blocked number tries to call you, the tweak alerts you about the same showing a notification on the notification banner or the Lock screen.sentinel5
  • After you have installed Sentinel, you just need to launch it from the Home screen and the first screen will display the whole list of blocked numbers who tried calling you.
  • You can configure the tweak from within by tapping on the Settings button that can be found in the top right corner.sentinel1
  • You can turn on or off any settings of the tweak that you like, and you can also choose the way you would like to receive notifications when blocked numbers call you.

Download Sentinel

Sentinel is a great tweak for those who use the call blocker feature a lot. It just adds so much more to the stock iOS feature, thus making it more awesome and more flexible. The tweak supports iOS 8, costs $1.99 and is available on the BigBoss repo in Cydia. You can download it using this guide. You can use 3rd party repos to download it free of cost.

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