Seng – AppSwitcher Alternative

When it comes to customizing the iOS App Switcher, the first name that comes to mind is Auxo. It is the most-used App Switcher tweak in Cydia, and the latest Auxo 3 supports iOS 9 as well. However, Auxo is not the only tweak in Cydia that lets you modify the App Switcher. There are some very good alternatives for Auxo, and one such tweak is Seng.

Image : Seng – The AppSwitcher Alternative

seng app

The Seng tweak resembles Auxo 3 is terms of design and functionality, and Auxo is the clearly the inspiration behind this tweak. Having said that, Seng provides a better overall experience.

Features :

  • After installing Seng, your stock iOS App Switcher gets replaced with a new one that looks much better. This tweak brings the App Switcher and Control Center in one place so that you don’t need to go to different screens to check them. seng_iOS9 (1)
  • You can launch the Seng App Switcher by pressing the Home button twice or swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
  • The interface of the App Switcher consists of three sections. The top most section by default coms with an AirDrop button, and the middle section houses all the preview cards. The toggles and Quick Launch apps are placed in the bottom section. seng_iOS_9 (1)
  • Swiping up on the Home screen closes all the apps at once. Apps can be minimized by swiping up from the bottom left or right of the app.
  • The preferences pane of the Seng tweak, just like other tweaks, is found in the Settings app. The top and bottom sections can be customized, and there are a few toggles for swiping up to quit all apps, whitelisting apps, etc. seng_1 seng_2

As you may have noticed, Seng does everything that Auxo does. But is it any different? Well, there’s just one thing to say- it all depends on personal preference. Many users did not like Auxo 3 for iOS 9, and even though Seng is an Auxo clone, users claim that it actually gives much better user experience with iOS 9. But as we said before, this is purely a matter of personal choice, and Auxo and Seng have their own respectable places.

Download :

If you have already tried Auxo 3 and don’t mind spending a couple of bucks on another App Switcher tweak, you must definitely try out Seng. It is a worthy App Switcher replacement tweak and is available for iOS 9 in Cydia via ModMyi repo. You can buy it for $2.50. If you have already bought it previously, you can get the free 1.2 update . Free download also available via 3rd party repo sources .

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