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The Find My iPhone option on an iPhone is a helpful feature as it can help you to find your iPhone if it ever goes missing from your hand. Before the release of iOS 8, this feature was not complete in all senses as it would not work properly when the iPhone shuts down due to loss of battery power. While the iPhone could not be tracked in these circumstances, its last location could also not be estimated which made the feature quite unusable in most cases.

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Apple has made the necessary improvements to the Find my iPhone option via its software update, iOS 8. In fact, there have been two major changes made on the feature. Firstly, Apple made the option activated by default in the initial stage itself while the user performs the setup operation on the iPhone. Previously, the feature was not enabled by default and the option had to be activated by the user in a manual way.

The other improvement that has been made on the Find my iPhone feature in iOS 8 is the inclusion of ‘Send Last Location’ option. With this option, the user who has lost or misplaced his/her iPhone can atleast know the last location of the device before it shuts down due to low battery power.

Method for enabling Send Last Location :

Follow the steps in order to search for your lost | misplaced iPhone :

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Keep scrolling through till you see iCloud. Click on this option
  3. Again keep scrolling through till you see Find my iPhone
  4. Click on the On/Off pushbutton in order to activate the option for Send Last Location


It is important to bear in mind that the gadget’s last location can either be viewed from the Find my iPhone application which can be downloaded from the Application Store (link), or from the web application for Find my iPhone found on iCloud.com. Though it is strange that Apple chose to place the Find my iPhone in the deactivated mode by default, it is highly advisable that the user activate this feature before starting to use the device as it may become very useful sometime in future. In case your iPhone has been looted by someone else, then this feature will not be very handy, but the Activation Lock option of Find my iPhone can be used under these circumstances in order to make sure that your device is at least in the lock mode.

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