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Like the other messaging apps, the iMessage in iOS sends read receipts to the people who have texted you. The main idea behind this is that everyone can know when the receiving party has ready their messages. Thus the sender does not have to worry about their message being received by the recipient or not. So all in all, it is a very useful feature, but it has its own share of problems too.

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safetexting cydia app

Many users may be knowing that once you receive a message and open it, the read receipts are sent to the person who sent you the message. This means that that the clock has started ticking and the person on the other side is waiting for your reply, as they already know that their message has been read. In case you take a lot of time to reply, the other person might get irritated waiting for a message which never comes.

However, there is a way to solve this problem in case your iOS device has been jailbroken. A jailbreak tweak named SafeTexting helps you out in such situations.

Features :

  • SafeTexting stops your device from sending read receipts until you really reply to the message. This way, unless you are ready to reply to a message, the sender will never know that you have read it.
  • You obviously can turn off the read receipts option in the iMessage settings. However, SafeTexting acts smartly and sends the read receipt along with the reply, so that the other person thinks that you have replied immediately after reading their message. safetexting1
  • Another great feature of SafeTexting is that this tweak enables you to toggle off the typing indicator bubble which appears while you type in iMessage. So when you use SafeTexting with the bubble turned off, you will be able to see when the other person is typing out the reply, but they won’t be able to make out when you are or are not typing the message. This feature can come in handy when you are in the habit of deleting a lot when typing and so can save you from embarrassing questions and thus makes the tweak worth paying $1 for.

Download :

You can install SafeTexting via Cydia from the BigBoss repo and costs just $1.00 and. Free download is also possible by adding 3rd party repo sources . The tweak is going to get an update soon with some more features, but there is no news whatsoever regarding the date when the next version will come out.

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