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Jailbreakers are having a great time these days with so many releases and updates going on in our jailbreak community. And the leading team in the jailbreak world is none other than the TaiG Team. It is not a surprise though, as the TaIG Team has done everything to bring the perfect jailbreaks for iOS users all around the world. A few days back, they came out with the iOS 8.3 jailbreak known as TaiG 2.0, which came as a surprise gift for us, as it was not at all expected from TaiG. Soon after, TaiG released a few more updated and better versions of its tool and thus became the one-stop trusted source for iOS jailbreaks. A couple days back, iOS 8.4 was finally released with Beats 1 and Apple Music and TaiG released the TaiG 2.2.0 tool just in a few hours! They then came out with a more updated version, namely the TaiG 2.3, which brought more security fixes and updated Cydia.

Image : Safe Mode Crash after Taig Jailbreak iOS 8.4

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But let’s talk about some shortcomings. The iOS 8.3 jailbreak from TaiG was not perfect, as it was not released with Cydia Substrate, which is essential for running most of the jailbreak tweaks. Also, there were some more bugs and errors. Many users were not being able to install the jailbreak as the progress mark was getting at some point or the other. Some users also noticed the icons disappearing. TaiG, however, worked at lightening speed for all these errors and fixed them in no time.

But looks like not everything has been rectified. Most of the users are noticing a problem with the Activator app, saying that whenever the public version of the Activator is installed on an iOS 8.4 device, it automatically goes into safe mode. Now this is a major problem, as Activator is an important tweak on which many other tweaks are dependent as a prerequisite. The real problem is that Activator has not been updated yet to support iOS 8.4.

But that does not mean that you cannot install and use those tweaks which rely on Activator. It’s not like you will have to wait for Ryan Petrich to roll out a public update for Activator. To solve the problem, you just need to install the Activator beta.

How to Fix :

Ryan is in the habit of posting updates to his beta repo before making them public, and he did the same for the iOS 8.4 update for Activator. To get the Activator beta 1.9.4 beta 1 which supports iOS 8.4, you need to add Ryan’s beta repo –

After adding the above given repo, search Cydia and you will see the Activator beta supporting iOS 8.4 being taken from the repo.


Remember that the Activator beta is a beta, and even though it has been found to be stable, the beta is still being tested and may or may not be having some bugs. After installing the beta, you will be able to run any tweak which is dependent on Activator without your device going into the safe mode again.

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