Roundification – Get Rounded Corners for iOS

When iOS 9 was unveiled at the WWDC this year, we noticed that there were many noticeable visual changes which made the whole UI look so much more appealing and better. One of the changes we noticed in iOS 9 was that some of the UI elements had rounded corners, which looked really good. Users would have really appreciated if this feature was introduced in iOS 8, which sadly did not get such a change. However, if your iOS device is jailbroken or if you are thinking of jailbreaking it and if you want such rounder corners in the UI of your iOS, then there is a new jailbreak tweak out for it. Zach Russell, a Cydia developer, has released a new jailbreak tweak called Roundification.

Image : Roundification Cydia App

roundification cydia ios 9


  • Roundification brings in the rounded edges effect of iOS 9 to the notification banners and Notification Center of iOS 8. roundification3
  • This new tweak modifies the edges of the notification banners and makes them appear round. roundification-2
  • Even the Quick Reply option gets rounded edges with this tweak. roundificationroundification2
  • With the Roundification tweak, the whole interface of the Control Center will get rounded edges. This will give it a floating effect which looks very good aesthetically. roundification4
  • You do not need to do any configuration for the tweak to work. Once you install Roundification, it does its job automatically without you having to set any preferences.

As all the iOS users already know, the notification banners and the Notification Center not changed visually since iOS 7. Thus, it may look at bit outdated to most of the users. Hence, Roundification is a very good option in case you want to make the Notification Center and banners look more modern and good-looking.

How to Download :

In case you want to download and install Roundification, please note that none of the default Cydia repos offers this tweak. You will get it only on the developer’s repo. So if you want to install roundification, you need to add the following repo in Cydia : After adding the repo, you can search for Roundification and install it.cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add2

More Design Updates Soon :

Roundification’s developer Zach has stated that this cool tweak will get an update soon, which will bring in the preferences pane. In addition to this, Zach said that the preferences pane will carry several options, one of which will enable the users to disable the rounded edges effect for the notification banner of Notification Center.

So when Zach completes the development for Roundification, users will be able to get the tweak from the BigBoss repo. But in case you cannot wait and want to try it right now, you can install it from Zach’s repo.

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