ReachApp – Split-Screen Multitasking for iOS 8

To help users get comfortable with the large screens of the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple has included a feature called Reachability in iOS. This feature helps users to reach the required options in iOS easily with their fingers, as it displays important information and action in the lower part of the screen. This really helpful feature has become the focus of a lot of jailbreak tweaks recently. One of such tweaks is ReachApp, which has been developed by Elijah Frederickson and takes good advantage of the screen space available while using Reachability.

Image : ReachApp – Split-Screen Multitasking

reachapp cydia tweak

Features :

  • The ReachApp tweak adds split-screen multitasking option iOS 8, thus enabling users to interact with two apps at a time on the screen.
  • The second app is displayed in the empty space that is left out when Reachability is invoked. This feature has been missed out in several other jailbreak tweaks made for Reachability, which makes the ReachApp tweak even better.
  • After installing ReachApp, you can find the preference pane of the tweak inside the stock Settings app. You can enable or disable ReachApp through the preferences.reachapp_1
  • You can also disable the auto-dismiss feature of Reachability, which closes Reachability when the device is idle.
  • You can also enable or disable rotation in the preferences. reachapp_2
  • ReachApp is supported on all iOS 8 devices. However, for older iOS devices that do not support the Reachability feature, you will have to first download the ReachAll tweak.

How to Use ReachApp

  1. The ReachApp tweak is very easy to use. You first need to open those two apps that you want to use simultaneously with the Reachability feature. For example, open the Instagram app and then launch the Twietter app, and finally invoke Reachability.
  2. You will see now that the screen splits in two halves. The upper half of the screen will display the Instagram app, while the lower part of the screen shows the Twitter app as shown in theimage below .  ReachApp (2)
  3. You can now interact with both the apps together at the same time without having to switch between them. You can surf the web in the Safari app while typing a message in the Messages app.
  4. You can adjust the respective size of the two screens too. A thick grey line separates the two apps, and dragging this line up or down will adjust the size of the app screens.

Download ReachApp :

If you are much of a multi-tasker, then the ReachApp tweak is a must-have for you. It is very helpful when performing two tasks at the same time. You can download the tweak from Cydia by adding the following repo . Read how to add a repo and download apps here . For details on Downloading Cydia , read the linked article .

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