Rate Cydia Tweaks with New Cydia Ratings App

A new beta jailbreak tweak called Cydia Ratings has come out and brings a ratings interface inspired by the App Store to all your favourite tweaks. After the debut of Cydia many years back, there has not been any way to rate the tweaks housed in Cydia. This makes it hard to trust a tweak, as no ratings system means no way to find if the tweak is good enough or error-free. Users are thus forced to take a blind leap of faith or else need to wait for a review.

Image : Cydia App Ratings

cydia ratings app ios 9

Thanks to the Cydia Reviews tweak, the users will get a legitimate way of rating and reviewing tweaks as well as reading the previous reviews for Cydia tweaks, thus making it easier to stay clear of all the useless or fake tweaks.

How to Install Cydia Ratings :

We have already mentioned before that Cydia Ratings is still in its beta version, so you will not get it from the default repos on Cydia. So if you want to install Cydia Ratings on your jailbroken iOS device, follow the below given simple steps.

  1. First add the following source in Cydia : http://apt.mootjeuh.com. cyda_ios_9_repo_source4
  2. After adding the above given repo, you can search for Cydia Ratings package in Cydia and install it.

How to Use Cydia Ratings :

  1. After you have installed Cydia ratings by using the above process, you don’t need to do any other configuration as there are no settings for the tweak.
  2. After installing the tweak, go to Cydia and you will find the ratings option beside every tweak. Activator-Cydia-Ratings2
  3. However, if you want to submit a new rating, you will have to login using your Facebook account.Activator-Cydia-Ratings1
  4. As the tweak is still in the beta phase, you can expect login errors or other such hiccups.

Cydia Ratings brings very promising looks and several reviews have already been posted for different tweaks. We have already noticed the Activator tweak having a bunch of star ratings and reviews. Like the App Store, Cydia Ratings can distinguish between the cumulative reviews and current version reviews. You can leave 1-5 star ratings and can also leave text-based elaborate reviews.

Must Install :

The success of this really useful tweak depends upon the number of users using it. Everybody who uses Cydia must install Cydia Ratings in order to rate and review tweaks. If enough Cydia users come onboard this tweak, Cydia Ratings can be a real breakthrough feature in Cydia.

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