PrettyRespring – Respring iPhone in Style

Why do people jailbreak ? Well, so that they can get loads of customization options that helps them make their iOS devices look cool and unique. If you have been using tweaks for quite some time now, you would be already knowing that different tweaks bring different features for customizing different iOS elements. For instance, there different tweaks for playing with the Control Center and different ones for the App Switcher.

Image : PrettyRespring – Respring iPhone in Style

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Similarly, there are some tweaks that help you change the animations that come up when you respring your iOS device. One such popular tweak is PrettyRespring. It gives you the freedom to modify your iPhone’s respring animation. Check out the features of this tweak below.

Features :

  • When you respring your device, some animations come up on the screen. These animations can be changed with the PrettyRespring tweak,
  • After you have installed PrettyRespring on your jailbroken device, the respring screen replaces the Apple logo with the app screen that was on the display before the respring. Say you were using the Safari app when the SpringBoard crash. In that case, you will see a screenshot of Safari when your device is rebooting. If the SpringBoard crashed when you were on the Home screen, you will be seeing a snapshot of the Home screen while your device reboots.
  • PrettyRespring does not give you a lot of customization options, but it does give your iOS device a new feature that is different from all the non-jailbroken iOS devices in the crowd. The tweak makes your device less boring and makes the respring screen more refreshed.

Even though PrettyRespring has been made for crashes, it works the best when used with the iPhone’s in-built respring method. This tweak is compatible with iOS 9, so if you are using a jailbroken iOS device, this tweak is a must-try for you.

Video : PrettyRespring in Action

How to Download and Install PrettyRespring :

In case you already have Cydia installed on your jailbroken device, go to Cydia and search for the PrettyRespring package. Now scroll down and you will find the bundle ID as org.thebigboss.prettyrespring. Just copy this and paste it at the end of the following URL –

You can also use this URL to search for the bundle ID – for searching the bundle ID. Just type the name of the package after query=. It should look something like this- Now copy the bundle ID org.thebigboss.prettyrespring and paste it at the end of

PrettyRespring is a free Cydia tweak, which is you shouldn’t hesitate to try it out.

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