PreferenceTag3 – Settings App Organizer

Are you fed up with how your Settings app is organized ? Do you want to be able to change it to your preferences ? Then you need to take a look at PreferenceTag3, a brand new jailbreak tweak. PreferenceTag3 is packed full of feature that provide you with total control over the Settings app.

Image : PreferenceTag3 tweaks is a Settings App Organizer

preferencetag3 tweaks

As well as being able to put your preferences into folders, from which you can easily access them, you can also :

  • Disable each individual setting so that no-one else can get into it
  • Protect specific settings with passwords preferencetag3-passcode1
  • Tag your settings
  • Hide individual preferences or remove them altogetherpreferencetag3-hide-settings1
  • Arrange the settings into new positions to suit you preferencetag3-main

After you have installed the tweak, open up your Settings app. You will be given the option of watching a video tutorial on how to use PreferenceTag3. Do watch it, it isn’t very long, and it will help you when you come to use the tweak for the very first time.

To start, tap on and swipe a setting to the left. A sidebar will appear and you will see a number of options – Disable, Tag, Hide, Remove – among others. Disabling a setting will mean that it can no longer be accessed until it has been enabled again. To disable a setting, you must first set a passcode. Tap the Gear icon in the top right corner and tap on Passcode. Set your passcode and then swipe the setting left again, selecting Disable. Now you will be asked for that passcode and, once you enter it, the setting will be disabled. preferencetag3-hide-settings

The password protection feature restricts access on certain settings until the correct password has been entered. To use this, swipe left on the setting you want to protect and tap on Passcode. Set your code and, when you tap the setting again, you will need to enter that code to get in. This is a great way of stopping people from changing your settings without your knowledge or permission.

You can also hide settings by choosing the Hide option from the menu when you swipe left on a setting. To unhide, simply tap the Gear icon and tap on Hidden. All hidden options will be shown and you can toggle them individually to unhide them.

Organizing your Preferences

PreferenceTag3 gives you the option of placing your settings into folders, just to tidy things up a little. Swipe left on a setting and choose Folders from the sidebar. Now you can pick a folder from one of the default ones or create one of your own to place the setting in. To access your folders, look to the bottom of your Settings app.


You can also reposition your Settings so that the ones you use the most are at the top and the least-used ones are shuffled down to the bottom. To do this, swipe left on a setting and choose Position from the menu. Now tap and hold on the grabber beside the setting and move it to where you want.

Download :

There are plenty more options in PreferenceTag3 and to get them, you can purchase the tweak from the BigBoss repository for just $1.99. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources. Stay up to date with the latest jailbreak tweaks by Subscribing to our Newsletter and following us on Facebook and Twitter .

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