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We all love jailbreaking, don’t we ? And the main reason behind doing it is because Cydia gives us access to millions of tweaks and apps that we couldn’t otherwise install on our iOS devices. The most enthusiastic jailbreak users download a lot of jailbreak tweaks on their iPhones and iPads, but they do tend to forget that apps are like our belongings – too much can make the space look cluttered.

Image : PreferenceOrganizer to Separate Out Cydia Settings

PreferenceOrganizer app

It isn’t until you enter the Settings app that you realise that installing a lot of tweaks also means installing their preferences panes inside the Settings app. And so many different preferences for different tweaks make the whole Settings app look cluttered, lengthy, and untidy. And apart from that, it makes it harder for you to find the right preferences pane you are looking for.

Deleting the tweaks to get rid of the preferences pane is not a solution at all. So what can you do ? Well, it’s really simple. You just organize the preferences pane. And you don’t have to do it manually on your own, as there’s a tweak to help you out.

PreferenceOrganizer 2 moves all the preferences panes to several folders according to their functions. It sorts out the preferences pretty much like how the AppSort tweak sorts your Home screen app icons quickly.

Features :

  • With the PreferenceOrganizer 2, the Settings menu gets completely organized with all the preferences pane lying properly into separate folders on the basis of their functions.
  • Four different folders are created in the Settings app by the tweak. They are labelled as Apple Apps, App Store Apps, Tweaks, and Social Apps. So all the preferences for Notes, Messages, Reminders, etc. will be placed into the Apple Apps folders. Meanwhile, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other such apps will have their preferences stored in the folder labelled Social Apps. PreferenceOrganizer_2PreferenceOrganizer_3
  • After the tweak has done its job, you will find the preferences panes of your jailbreak tweaks inside the Tweaks folder.
  • PreferenceOrganizer 2 does not need any configuration after installation. Once it is installed on your iOS device, it will automatically sort all the preferences into different folders without you having to do anything.

PreferenceOrganizer 2 has been out for quite some time now, but the developers added support for iOS 9 only recently. If you are in the habit of installing loads of jailbreak tweaks, then this tweak is a must have for you.

Download :

PreferenceOrganizer 2 can be downloaded from the developer’s own repo for Free . You need to add this source in Cydia:

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