PowerDownCustomizer – Options to SwitchOff iPhone

We all know how to switch off our iPhones and we all know how to restart them. All we do is hold down the sleep button and swipe the slider to turn off the iPhone and then hold that same button down to switch it back on. What if there were an easier way to restart your iPhone though ? What if you could do it without having to switch off the phone first ? Well, now you can, with a neat jailbreak tweak that allows you to do just that.

Image : PowerDown Customizer – More Ways to Switch Off iPhone

PowerDown Customizer

It’s called PowerDown Customizer and it gives you a few more options on the Power Off interface. You get four new options in addition to switching off the device, all of which show up on your screen when you press and hold the Sleep button :

  • Respring
  • Reboot
  • Safe Mode
  • Lock


As well as these extra options, PowerDown Customizer also gives you a choice of 4 different style to use to customize the user interface of the tweak, including :

  • Android style interface
  • In an Action Sheet
  • As an Alert
  • In Blurred view

When you install PowerDown Customizer, there is no need to enable it as this is done by default. As soon as you press and hold the sleep button down, a menu will appear with all of the options. There will be a Preference pane added to your Settings app and here you can make some additional changes:

  • Enable or disable PowerDown Customizerpowerdowncustomizer4
  • Configure the style of the interface
  • Decide whether the tweak should be enabled on the Lock Screen
  • Customize the Android and Blurred style interfaces powerdowncustomizer3

No matter what changes you make, you won’t need to respring for them to take effect, like many other jailbreak tweaks; it will happen immediately. This is a simple tweak and certainly isn’t the only one of its kind. However, the biggest selling point is the fact that you can customize the Power Off options on your iOS device to suit you Restarting your device has never been easier or less hassle-free.

Download : 

PowerDown Customizer is available on the BigBoss repository on Cydia for just $0.99; just jailbreak your iOS device using the latest iOS 9 jailbreak [ext link] and head over to Cydia to download it. If you want to be kept up to date with the latest iOS, Apple and jailbreak news, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter; we’ll send the updates straight to your inbox.

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