Change iPhone Battery Colour with PowerColor

A good battery life is what we expect out of our iPhones. If not, then the least that we can ask for is the ability of our iOS devices to let us know when the power is running out. What if you could customize the color of the battery indicator in your iOS device according to your needs ? That would make it a lot more convenient to know when the battery is going to die soon. Well, stock iOS does not provide this feature. But if you have jailbroken your iOS device, then you can get this feature through a new jailbreak tweak.

Image : Powercolour Changed iPhone Battery Colour

powercolor cydia app

PowerColor is a new Cydia tweak which gives you a better visual of the battery indicator. It lets you choose any color for indicating a full charge to going low on power or indicating an empty battery, like going from green to red. As the battery level of your iOS device starts going down, the color of the battery indicator starts changing slowly in order to represent the status of the remaining battery power. This is the basic nature of the tweak. Now let’s get into the details and check out what more does the tweak really offer.

PowerColor Features :

  • PowerColor does a really smart job by letting you customize the color of your battery indicator.
  • The tweak comes with Preferences which you can find in the stock Settings app.
  • Users can customize every color on a 5% scale. powercolor1
  • The user needs to use the given color picker in the preferences in order to customize the color.
  • In case you want to be more accurate and know about the hex value of the color you need, then you can input the hex value in the given hex color value input box. This is really useful for providing a true gradient range.powercolor2
  • Whenever you change the colors, you need to perform a reboot of the device in order for the changes to take place.
  • In case you are not confident and mess something up, you can use the Reset option to reset the battery indicator color to default.

Download :

PowerColor really gives some life to the battery indicator in stock iOS, which is bland white by default. The tweak works like a charm and is really fancy as well as useful. You can get the PowerColor tweak for free at the BigBoss repo in Cydia. But first you have to download Cydia on your device which is possible through jailbreaking that is absolutely free .

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