PickPocket – Keeps iPhone Secure after Theft

A lot of tweaks available in Cydia provide various security-related functions that add more security options to your iOS device. For example, there are some tweaks that use the front camera of your iPhone to take the picture of the person who tries to unlock the device but enters the wrong Passcode; this allows you to know who tried to sneak into your personal data. Security features like that can be very useful, and more so for the people who have the habit of storing their extremely private and confidential data on their iPhones.

Image : PickPocket – Keeps iPhone Secure after Theft

pickpocket tweak

If you just can’t get enough features to protect your iPhone and want a way to add more security to the device, you should try out the jailbreak tweak called PickPocket. Do remember that the tweak is still in its beta mode, but it offers so many interesting features that it’s worth trying out.

Features :

  • PickPocket improves the security of your iPhone by blocking some select functions of the device unless you enter the correct password to open it. For example, if you try to shut down your iOS device, you will be asked to enter a password, failing which you won’t be able to turn the device off. pickpocket 2
  • If a person tries to sneak into your iOS device and enters the wrong password several times, or if he/she tries to turn off the device, PickPocket will immediately start a loud alarm to alert the device’s real owner.  The alarm will sound at the maximum volume and the volume keys will get disabled so that the culprit cannot reduce the sound. The alarm will shut off only once the right passcode is entered.
  • After installing the PickPocket tweak, the preferences pane can be found in the stock Settings app. From there, you can disable or enable the tweak and can choose the password for the Slide to Power Off function.pickpocket 1
  • The tweak also allows you to set a number of times a wrong passcode can be entered before the alarm starts. You can disable the alarm too. Any changes done in the preferences pane need a respring to be applied.
  • The PickPocket tweak comes with another feature that acts as an emergency contact card. If the wrong passcode is input maximum number of times, the tweak will display a popup on the screen with the name, phone number, etc. that you can set in the preferences. This can help people reach you if you lose your phone somewhere.

Download :

As the PickPocket tweak is presently in the beta mode, it might be unstable. But you can still try it out by adding the following source in Cydia- .

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