Fix Personal Hotspot Missing

The release of iOS 8 in September posed a lot of troubles for Apple as plenty of serious issues arose after users updated their devices to the latest mobile operating system of the Cupertino Company. Slow and interrupted Wi-Fi and connectivity issues and sudden data usage on devices are just few of the issues that were seen in iOS 8.

Image : iPhone Personal HotSpot Missing

personal hotspot missing on ios 9

In order to resolve these issues, Apple immediately came out with the next update iOS 8.0.1. But before anyone could realize this, the company drew it back as it also had a number of important bugs. Even the basic facility of a mobile phone was deprived for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users as some were not able to use their Touch ID system to use their iPhone device, whereas those who were able to access this option were faced with other problems such as ‘No Service message’.

Within a few days after taking back iOS 8.0.1, Apple again released iOS 8.0.2 which was aimed at fixing all the problems of the previous version iOS 8. The new update did fulfill its promise of correcting previous issues but it was not totally error-free. Users were constantly irritated with few issues, one of them being the missing case of the Personal Hotspot.

Before we go further, it is good to understand that Personal Hotspot is not a free feature on iPhone. Its access is dependent on two things, your carrier as well as your country of residence. So first and foremost you will have to make sure whether you have subscribed and authorized the working of Personal Hotspot on your device by enabling it.

Steps to Restore the missing Personal Hotspot :

  1. On your device, go to the Settings application and open it
  2. Click on Cellular option
  3. You may notice a switch for Personal Hotspot. If you don’t see it, click on Cellular Data
  4. Take down the number that you see under the APN settings on a separate paper
  5. Scroll down the page and you will get the toggle for Personal Hotspot. Click on it
  6. Type the APN settings that you have written down previously
  7. Now you can choose any of the two options- Enable the Personal Hotspot by swiping from left to right on the screen or click the back toggle to go to the earlier screen
  8. By now you should have the Personal Hotspot switch in previous screen. Click on it.

After you have finished enabling Personal Hotspot, you will be able to use your connection for cellular data wherever you go.

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