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While the iOS system is perhaps one of the most secure and stable in the world, it doesn’t mean it is the most functional nor the best looking one [ although fans of the new iOS 7 may disagree ].  There are some features on the Android based operating system that are actually rather cool and some iOS users are a little green.

Image : Android Lock Screen

pattern unlock

Take the unlock system for example. The iOS system has the Slide to Unlock slider and the option of an additional pass code lock as well. Android has that nice pattern unlock system that just makes things a little less, well, boring.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, through the use of a Cydia tweak you can now have that pattern unlock on your iPhone.  It’s not free; unfortunately, it costs $1.99 from the BigBoss repo. However, rather than letting the price deter you, take a deeper look at the tweak.

PatternUnlock does not just give you a new lock screen to play with. It also includes quite a lot of different options for customization which do go some way towards justifying the price.  Have a look at this short video that shows the tweak in action:

PatternUnlock comes with a choice of 5 themes; Clear, Droid, Droid Flat, Invisible and One. Each of the theses is fully customizable as well.  To access the settings, simply locate PatternUnlock in your Settings app and start playing. You can change your pattern whenever you want and turn it on or off. You can set the time for when the PatternUnlock screen should be displayed, with a choice of anywhere between 1 minute and 4 hours. You can also customize the vibration settings and much more besides.

Download :

To get your copy of PatternUnlock head over to BigBoss now and download it for just $1.99 .

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