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The main reason why we jailbreak is to break free of the chains that Apple wraps our iOS devices up in. We want to be able to customize our iPhones, modify our iPads and some people want to be able to download paid apps for free. Most jailbreak tweaks are already free but there are some developers who do charge, maybe a dollar, maybe $5 which isn’t much money.  But, if you are one of those who wants to download cracked apps for free, here are some of the best ways to do it :

Image : Cydia iOS 8 Jailbreak Apps Free Download

download ios 7 jailbreak free

You will need to add the following sources into Cydia and here’s how to do that:

Top Repos for Paid Apps Free :


Contains a high number of cracked apps and a few legal paid ones, covering a wide range of apps, tweaks, themes and mods, including this popular App Switcher


Contains a number of Dreamboard and WinterBoard themes, games, and lots of other cracked apps, including AndroidLock and iSHSHit


A top repo for lots of different apps, both cracked and legal, including BiteSMS and MyWi


An excellent source of both cracked and legal apps, some of the more popular ones being AndroidLock, MyWi and BiteSMS


Contains a very wide range of pirate apps and a number of other popular ones including Auxo.

Those are five of the top current repositories for downloading pirate or cracked apps, as well as those that are legal and some that are paid.  One other source that has really taken over from hackul0us since it disappeared overnight a few years ago is AppAddict and you can find full instructions on how to download and use it here.

Will you be using any of these sources ?

How to Add a Repo to Cydia :

  1. Open Cydia cydia ios 9
  2. Tap on Sources > Edit > Add repo source iphone 6 ios 8
  3. Type in the URL below and tap on Add Source cydia add repo

Disclaimer :

We must advise, before you continue, that we do not support piracy in any way, shape or form. We believe that developers have the right to be compensated for their work, either through charging a small amount or through a donation system. If you do use the following repositories to download cracked apps, please consider using them only as a means to test an app before deciding whether to buy it or not.

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