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Remember a little while ago, we commented on something called an Open Jailbreak? P0sixninja, aka Joshua Hill was tweeting about it but not giving too much information away until an interview with Joe Rossignol from iFans. During the interview, Hill told us that it was not actually a jailbreak. Instead, it is a public website that will make it easier for jailbreak developers to get together and share ideas and code.

Image : Open Jailbreak Downloads

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During the Worldwide Jailbreakers Conference in New York, P0sixninja confirmed the site is now up and running. He also explained who it is aimed at – thee are 5 types of user in his eyes – the average user, the fan boy/girl, the developer, the security researcher and the jailbreak creator. is aimed at the last 3 primarily although anyone who wants to learn about how jailbreaks are made will also benefit from the site.

Hill is hoping that, as well as centralizing everything, will help to keep jailbreaking alive for the foreseeable future. At the moment, the jailbreak developers are spread far and wide across the world and largely left to their own thing. This site has the potential to bring everyone together, making use of a wider range of knowledge and expertise. The site will be home to jailbreaking code that people have developed, including Hill’s own, and will make jailbreak collaborations far easier and far better managed.

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Ultimately, the sites aim is to get an iOS 7 untethered jailbreak out to the public as soon as possible. IOS 7 is a matter of weeks off of public release and the current untethered jailbreak efforts have run into a few delays. It’s hoped that will speed things up a bit.

Downloads :

We will keep you informed of the jailbreak progress; in the meantime, you can see the presentation slides for from here.




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