It seems to the jailbreak community that we have stepped back in time, back to when jailbreaking first began. Where we had gotten used to having jailbreaks all the time, we have gone back to struggling to get them. The only jailbreak we have to use at the moment is called Yalu jailbreak, provided for us by Luca Todesco, and that is a very limited jailbreak with only certain users able to download it. What this means is that millions of users are now left without being able to download Cydia and, while we wait for an iOS 11 jailbreak, that means no more tweaks, no more paid content for free and no more modified apps like Snapchat++ [ext link], Pokémon Go++ or Spotify++. Now though, we have TutuApp [ext link], an app installer that gives us back some of those features but without the need to jailbreak first.

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TutuApp offers a range of Cydia apps and tweaks and lots of other content but because you can’t get TutuApp through the iOS app store, there is a problem with it. Apple does not have anything to do with signing certificates for apps that don’t come through the official store and treat them as invalid. They regularly check app certificates for validity and revoke any that aren’t, and this is what causes TutuApp to crash. You can reinstall it and start again but Apple will simply pull the certificate again, leaving you right back where you started. There is an easy way to stop that and it’s a tool called NessTool.

What is NessTool ?

NessTool [ext link] is a small tool that protects your TutuApp certificate through the use of a VPN.  When you start the download process on your iPhone or iPad, you will be asked to allow a VPN configuration to be created , you must allow this for NessTool to work. When NessTool has been successfully installed, it will work in the background whenever your iPad or iPhone is switched on, taking little space and little in the way of resources so it doesn’t interfere with anything you are doing. The VPN blocks the certificate for TutuApp and anything you download through it so that Apple cannot see it when they run their verifications to find invalid certificates. This means that Apple cannot revoke the certificate and TutuApp will no longer crash, making this an absolutely necessary tool for you to download with TutuApp.

How to Download NessTool :

As you would expect, NessTool cannot be downloaded from the iOS app store but it is very easy to do. We’ve drawn up a full guide for you to follow and you can find it at the link below:

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