MusicTransport – Play Music during Phone Calls

New jailbreak tweaks keep surprising us with the new kinds of facility that they bring to our iPhones. One such new tweak lets you play music on your iPhone while you are talking to your loved ones during a call. This new tweak is called MusicTransport and allows users to transmit sound effects or music through a phone call on their iPhone. So thanks to this tweak, you can now share that new song you love with your friends, family, or your better half. Let’s go through the features of this amazing tweak.

Image : MusicTransport Cydia App

music transport cydia app

Features :

  • We all know already that iPhone, by default, does not allow the users to play music during a cellular call. When you connect to a call, the music is automatically turned off. However, with the MusicTransport tweak installed on your jailbroken iPhone, you can easily play music while being on a phone call just by tapping the on-screen button and choosing your favourite song from the Music library.  musictransport2
  • You can play a voice memo too with this tweak.
  • The MusicTransport tweak is designed in such a way so as to transmit your voice simultaneously along with the background sound in a way that both the sound and your voice will be audible clearly to the person you are talking to. musictransport3
  • You can also use the volume control slider to set the loudness of the music that is transmitted on the call.
  • Only the background music can be configured with this volume slider and it will not control the volume of your voice. MusicTransport-tweak
  • MusicTransport also offers some playback controls which can be used to scrub, play, or pause the song.
  • You can use this tweak to play a song during a call directly through the handset, headphones, bluetooth headset, speakerphone, etc.

Supported Apps for MusicTransport :

The multi-app support offered by this tweak is what makes it a more tempting and a must-have tweak. MusicTransport supports phone calls along with Facetime calls. Supported third-party apps include the following .

  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Tango
  • LINE
  • Skype

MusicTransport also works with other third-party tweaks like AudioRecorder and CallBar.

How Can I Use MusicTransport ?

The uses of this awesome tweak are many and fun, but here are the common uses:

  • You can use this tweak to share any songs you like with some on a phone call.
  • You can play a sound recording from your iPhone that you want the other person to listen to.
  • You can play an ambient sound and thus pretend that you are at some other place like traffic or college.

Compatibility and Download

MusicTransport is compatible with all versions of iOS 8. You can download this tweak from Cydia for just $2.99 . Free download also available from 3rd party Repo sources . But beware , downloading from unknown repo’s that are not verified can bring in backdoor trojans in your iPhone .

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