Multiplexer – Cydia Tweak for MultiTasking on iOS

Most of us use our iOS devices for serious multitasking, switching from one app to another while simultaneously texting someone and surfing on the web. For those who have a jailbroken iOS device and love multitasking tweaks, they will accept the fact that they have more than one tweak installed for different multitasking features. However, what if we tell you that you could have six multitasking features in just one tweak ?

Image : Multiplexer Cydia App for Advanced Multi-Tasking

muliplxer cydia

Yes, that’s possible, thanks to the Multiplexer tweak. The tweak comes with three different multitasking features and each one of them has its own functions. So let’s go through them one by one.

Features of MultiPlexer :

1. Aura : 



This feature allows you to keep running apps in the foreground whole you close out to the springboard. For example, if you are watching a music video in the YouTube app, you can force the app to keep running in the background while you can perform other tasks, so that you can keep listening to the music without watching the video. This feature can come handy for a lot of apps.

2. Empoleon : 

multiplexer2 (1)

If you are familiar with the Mirmir tweak, then you will know what Empoleon feature is all about. It actually places apps in separate windows, which can be resized and rotated into portrait or landscape. This allows you to switch between multiple apps very quickly.

3. Mission Control : 

multiplexer3 (1)

This one is very exciting. You can create different desktops for different sets of app windows. Also, you can pull apps from one desktop to another. It can be really useful if you use a lot of apps and want multiple desktops to keep everything clean and in place.

4. Quick Access :


This feature enables you to add an app to the Notification Center directly, so that you can go to that app with just one tap.

5. Reach App : 


This feature is actually a separate tweak from the same developers and has been included into Multiplexer as a separate feature, which is indeed very cool. With this feature, you can just double tap the Home button to bring up the previous app that you were in.

6. Swipe Over :


This feature allows you to go to the last app you opened by swiping left from the right side of the screen. You can even reduce the size of the window or detach it completely into a windowed app. You can also change that app just by tapping and holding out of the window.

These six awesome features in the gigantic Multiplexer tweak have a lot more features that are better used than explained.

Download Multiplexer :

So if you are an ardent multi-tasker and want to try out this tweak, then you can get it for $3.99 from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. You can also download it for free from 3rd party repo’s

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