Molar – Shortcut Keys for iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard

For those of you making use of a Bluetooth keyboard connected to your iPhone there is a new tweak in Cydia that provides a great convenience. Molar, is an app that allows you to perform all of the keyboard shortcuts you are used to in a standard OS on an iOS device. It also has a couple other cool and useful features like the app switcher, which allows you to switch between open apps on your iPhone right from your keyboard by holding down the command key. This is a great tool for those of you who find themselves needing to type a long email or a substantial amount of text that would require a Bluetooth device.

Image : Molar brings Shortcut Keys for iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard

cydia tweak molar

Let’s take a look at some of the important features of the new tweak in addition to some of the specific keyboard shortcuts that you can use to expedite the typing process or just plain make the iOS experience run more smoothly than it otherwise would using the stock keyboard on your iPhone.

Features :

  • Enables convenient keyboard commands from your Bluetooth enable accessory molar_tweak2
  • Allows for app switching on your device right from your keyboard molar_tweak3
  • Allows for simulation of home and power buttons from your keyboard
  • Creates the ability to create custom control | app features from your keyboard as well molar_tweaks
  • You can even hold tab and use the arrow keys to move around on your screen  molar_tweak0
  • You can launch specific apps from your keyboard

Download :

In addition to all of these convenient features, the app is still in development with more features to come. You can get Molar in the BigBoss repo from Cydia for $1.99. Free download also possible by adding 3rd party Repo sources. The purpose of having a smartphone is to reap the benefits of a computer that you can have with you at all time. Hooking up a large keyboard to a small screen just to type seems counter intuitive to me. If you need to type a long section of text into an electronic device, why not use a laptop ? If it’s an issue of space, just use the keyboard on your phone, it is not that much more cumbersome than the prospect of typing on a Bluetooth keyboard, which are usually significantly smaller than a full size keyboard anyway.

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