MessagesDeleteConfirmer – Stop iMessage Deletion

While using your iPhone, you would have surely come across a situation when you actually deleted an SMS or an iMessage conversation inside the Messages app that was really very important. Until now, there was no way you could get back that deleted stuff, but that was until now. And now, it’s possible, thanks to a new jailbreak tweak called MessagesDeleteConfirmer.

Image : MessagesDeleteConfirmer – Stop iMessage Deletion

MessagesDeleteConfirmer tweak

The new tweak has come up on Cydia fresh and makes sure that you do not delete conversations accidentally in the Messages app. The tweak is free and is extremely useful, so let’s take a look at what it offers its users.


  • MessagesDeleteConfirmer is a tweak that is no less than a lifesaver, as it gives you one more chance to really decide whether you want to delete a conversation in the Messages app.
  • After installing the tweak, whenever you delete a conversation deliberately or accidentally, a prompt will come up asking if you really want to delete the thread from the Messages app.
  • If you are sure you did not accidentally hit the delete button, you can go ahead and tap the blue Delete button. But if you did realize that you are going to delete a conversation that you actually want to keep, you can calmly press the Cancel button and the thread will remain messagedeleteconfirmer-confirms-your-messages-app-deleting-message-threads
  • The MessagesDeleteConfirmer tweak does not offer any options or preferences pane to configure. Once you install it on your iPhone, it starts working right away. But we do suggest you to either respring your device or kill and restart the Messages app just as a good measure to make sure the tweak works fine.

As you can see, the tweak really does what it claims to, and all of its functions can be guessed from its name itself. So there really are no more features or options in this tweak, and that is what makes MessagesDeleteConfirmer  simple but extremely useful. Of course, we do wish the developer had got creative and had added a few more options, but then we can’t ourselves imagine any features that we want to be added to the tweak specifically.

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So all in all, MessagesDeleteConfirmer is a simple but very useful tweak that will help you in not accidentally deleting your messages and conversations. The best part is that such an extremely useful tweak is available free of cost in Cydia at the BiggBoss repo. So go ahead and install it right away on your iPhone so that you never lose messages accidentally again.

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