Best LockScreen Apps for iOS 9

One of the most favorite elements in iOS for jailbreak users is the Lock screen, which can be customized to the heart’s content by using various tweaks. Thanks to Cydia, the Lock screen can be made to display notifications, weather, music player, and much more. We have handpicked some of such latest and awesome Lock screen Cydia tweaks. Just go through the tweaks below and see what suits you the best.

1. Transition

transition cydia app

Ever felt the desire to add animations to the Slide to Unlock action? Well, the Transition tweak does it for you. You can choose from more than 20 different smooth animations to add a bit of flair to your Lock screen.

2. FutureLock


If you’re bored with the stock iOS Lock screen, FutureLock can be a good replacement. It adds app icons to the Lock screen, which display all the pending notifications that you can check with just a tap. A calendar and weather widget is included too.

3. NES Control Unlocker


If you are a gamer and like to customize your phone in such a way as if it was a gaming device, then the Control Unlocker tweak is made for you. It adds a NES game controller type unlock screen to the Lock screen, thus giving you a gamepad type feeling.

4. BuddyLock

buddylock copy

This tweak is a great shortcut Lock screen. BuddyLock enables you to launch your favorite apps right from the Lock screen. You can also perform several other actions like changing your themes, accessing contacts or playlists, etc. without even unlocking your device.

5. PatternUnlock


The name says it all, so the PatternUnlock tweak needs no introduction. If you fancy the join-the-dots-to-unlock function in the Android OS, then this tweak simply brings that functionality to iOS for you.

6. Atom


This again is a tweak that brings Android-like lockscreen to iOS. With Atom, you can launch apps directly from the Lock screen by simply dragging the grabber to the app icon you want to open.

7. PushPrivacy


Has it ever happened to you that you received a notification on your Lock screen and someone sitting beside you read the contents of the message ? To avoid such embarrassing moments, you can install the PushPrivacy tweak. You will still get the notifications, but the contents will go hidden.

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